Derp Knows No Boundaries

Derp Knows No Boundaries

What, you think dumb gear ideas is just something that pops up inside the gun community?

Think again!

This such a bad idea, it’s hard to know where to start. It’s not any faster than storing your lens in a gadget bag or fanny pack, and it offers the added “benefit” of not havin any place to store your strobe, battery packs or memory cards, either!

Such a deal!

If you’re thinking this is a good idea, lie down for a few minutes, then buy a Domke once the feeling has gone away.

No One Expects The Gunsite Inquisition

No One Expects The Gunsite Inquisition

Because I hate wasting good stuff on an away game.

“Our chief weapon is the 1911. And the color code. Our two chief weapons are the 1911 and the color code and the Weaver Stance. Our THREE chief weapons are the 1911, the color code, the Weaver Stance and the surprise trigger break. AMONGST OUR WEAPONRY are such diverse elements as the 1911, the color code, the Weaver Stance, the surprise trigger break and nice decals of a raven on our trucks.

Oh bugger. I’ll come in again.” *


* I should probably state for the record that I absolutely and unequivocally believe that Gunsite is one of the best places in the world to learn how to use a pistol. However, if you can’t laugh at the people on your side, you’re going to be bloody useless at laughing at the people on the other side of your cause.

Ready. Fire. Aim.

Ready. Fire. Aim.

Santa was a few days late with this present to Nevada gun owners, but I’m sure they don’t mind. Sebastian points out that Michael Bloomberg’s brand new make gun ownership illegal “universal background check” law can’t be enforced in Nevada, because Bloomberg’s lawyers seem to be unaware of how Nevada’s gun laws actually work.

NRS 202.254, as amended by Background Check Act, makes it a crime to engage in private sales or transfers of firearms (with certain exceptions) unless a federally licensed dealer conducts a federal background check on the potential buyer or transferee. Because the Act specifically directs the deal to run checks through the FBI’s NICS system, the Nevada Department of Public Safety has no authority to perform the background checks required by the Act.

Nevada, like Pennsylvania and Florida, uses a state-run background check system and not NICS, so the FBI/ATF had no jurisdiction and authority to run background checks in Nevada. It’s roughly equivalent to writing a law which mandates that the police department in Bangor, Maine, write the speeding tickets for Glendale, Arizona. Yes, the Bangor Police Department writes a lot of tickets, but no, their actions have little, if any effect on the traffic laws of Arizona.

Congratulations, Bloomberg. That’s $20 million you could have spent on something that would have actually lowered crime and improved the lives of the people of Nevada, but you chose to do this instead.



The Mote Of Derp In Our Own Eye.

The Mote Of Derp In Our Own Eye.

Tam posted this photo on Facebook over the weekend. It’s like the Moronic Derpvergence of Tactical Timmitude.


“His AR ‘pistol’ had a sh!tty Chicom flashlight & red dot, the fake Magpul BUISs were installed backwards, there was an AFG on the stubby forearm for some reason. The gun’s magwell sported a Punisher skull and he’d added a ‘You’re F*cked’ ejection port cover.

And he was wearing Kryptek, because of course he was.”

Look, there is nothing wrong with AR pistols (I’m building one myself right now). There’s nothing wrong with open carry (although if you NEED to open carry at a gun show, I suggest that you’re attending the wrong kind of gun shows…), and there’s nothing wrong with angled foregrips (in fact, I think they’re a good idea on AR pistols, because they’re a way for you to tell if your hands are in the right place on the gun, and not up by the muzzle where the blast from the muzzle brake can hurt them very, very much).

But bad sights, bad optics and pejorative ejection port slogans? Those are bad ideas.

The fact is, though, that there is probably a skeleton like this in our own closets. I know I’ve made some dumb mistakes in the past when it came to my equipment choices, however, I try (TRY) to learn from them.

There, but for the grace of God (and/or Tom Givens), go I.

Gun Culture Vs. Pop Culture.

Gun Culture Vs. Pop Culture.

An interesting discussion popped up in the comments of this article for Shooting Illustrated on the guns of pop culture. Gun nuts were outraged that the 1911 wasn’t on the list, because, hey, ‘Murica and guns!

The thing is, the 1911 is a popular gun in gun culture, but in pop culture? Forget it. And I’ll prove it.

Play along with me here:

Dirty Harry and his Model 29 .44 Magnum.
Martin Riggs and his Beretta 92.
James Bond and his PPK.
John Wayne and his Colt Peacemaker.
_________ and his 1911.

See the problem? Naming an iconic character from pop culture who yielded a 1911 is not an easy task. The best I could come up with is Lamont Cranston, and he’s not really a household name anymore, thanks to a mediocre movie starring Alec Baldwin. I like the 1911, and there’s no denying what it means to gun owners in the U.S., but it’s pretty much unknown outside our little world. If we want gun culture to grow (and we do, right?), we need to be able to relate to people outside our comfort zone, so when they talk about how the gun that Agent Smith used in The Matrix and how cool it was, smile politely and nod, even though you’re thinking about how much you loath the Deagle.

The Next Logical Step For “Israeli Carry”.

The Next Logical Step For “Israeli Carry”.

Look, if you believe, as these guys do, that somehow, your gun just isn’t safe enough to carry around with ammo loaded in the chamber and the appropriate safeties engaged, why not take the next logical step and walk around with an unloaded, empty gun?

After all, if you gun is unsafe with a round in the chamber, isn’t even MORE safe without any ammo in it whatsoever? And you’re going to have to use two hands to chamber a round into the gun if you carry in Condition Three, why not use two hands to load and chamber a round when carrying in Condition Four?

Do it. Do it for the children.

Or just carry your guns the way they’re supposed to be carried, with a round in the chamber and safeties engaged.