Things You Never Hear In The Gun World …

Things You Never Hear In The Gun World …

“Don’t buy the CZ… they’re not accurate.”

“Glocks? Good luck finding accessories for it.”

“I’d go with the Taurus for its reliability.”

“A 10/22? No, you want something a little more common.”

“You will never run out of holster options for that EAA Witness.”

“Stay away from .22LR: The recoil is brutal.”

“Don’t get an AR-15. You don’t want to be locked into that platform.”

“There are hundreds of police forces around the world who rely on the Smith&Wesson Governor as their sidearm of choice.”

“Don’t you think that Desert Eagle is a little… understated?”

Ok, yours?



I messed up the scheduling for yesterday’s posts, so here’s something from a few years ago:

A model displays an outfit by designer Andres Sarda during the Spring/Summer 2008 Pasarela Cibeles fashion show in Madrid

A friend of mine got this in her email:

Query: I am looking for a person who can comment on home goods and/or women’s fashion with a specific eye on the way modern handguns are being used as pop art or decorative motifs. From an AK-47 ceramic standing lamp at a lighting store to gun ice cube trays at Urban Outfitters to crystal-encrusted gun necklaces at boutiques to gun knitting kits on etsy, images of modern gunsare showing up in unexpected places. I want to know what this means? Why would we take something dangerous and screen print it on a pillow? What does this say about guns and violence? What messages do these images and products send? Who is buying them? Are they chic? Tacky? Dangerous? Fun?

My response:

  1. Mixing AR’s and AK’s in your decor is a big faux pas. It’s not tactical when you do that, it’s tacky-tical.
  2. Be warned: Some people find Glock-themed throw pillows are hard to angle properly on the couch.
  3. Never buy an ammunition-themed necklace unless its price tag begins with a “4”.
  4. Note: Coyote brown and coyote pelts don’t really go together.
  5. Never wear black tactical gear after Memorial Day.
  6. Picatinny rails: Good for rifles, bad for slingback pumps.
  7. Kalishinkitty products never get old.
  8. Keep your finger off the knitting needles until your purl is on-target.
  9. Hi-capacity “assault” purses should be restricted to nursing mothers and grade-school teachers.
  10. People worried about violence and fashion have never seen what happens when shoes go on sale on Nordstrom’s…
The Public Gets What The Public Wants.

The Public Gets What The Public Wants.

But I don’t get what this society wants*.

Let’s pause for a moment to consider this item: The Grip Shot, which allows you to mount a handgun on the accessory rail of your rifle.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Why in the name of Colonel John Dean Cooper do I need this gadget? It is a solution to a non-existent problem. It is the very personification of an Alton Brown Unitasker, a tool that does only one thing, and usually not very well. To borrow from Alton, the ONLY reason I can ever see buying one of these is to give it as a gift to a gun owner I don’t like all that much.

What’s next? Tactical Cue Cats?

Skills > Equipment. Always.

*Yep, another music reference, this time from The Jam.