Trigger Work

Trigger work

I am not mechanically inclined: I lack the patience to do detail work and I soon become frustrated and ask around if any has a hammer.

So the delicate task of installing an Apex trigger fills me with dread. Fortunately, Rob Karrob has produced an EXHAUSTIVE video on how to install an Apex trigger in the Shield from start to finish.

Unfortunately, I’m going to need to head out to Dane Armory to get things done, as it’ll require a vise, punches and heat gun to make it work.

If you’re like me (and I know I am), 52 minutes might be a tad long. Fortunately for us ADD-addled types, there’s a shorter version as well. And the results? Two pounds less on the trigger, and a 1/8th inch reset

I can dig it.

Dungeons And Dragunovs

Dungeons and Dragunovs

Tam’s comments about the SCA and Sebastian’s post about nerds and ThirdPower’s post about miniatures got the wheels inside my head a-turnin. Gun Culture 2.0 tends to be tech-savvy, which means D+D and other games are a distinct possibility. 


Myself? Oh yeah. Ten years of D+D (starting with the first three and Greyhawk ’cause the DMG was just coming out), then Traveller, TFT, Champions, MSPE, Shadowrun … you name it, I’ve played it. That’s what happens when you hang out with the people who make the stuff, I guess. 

And now I’m a gunblogger. There’s a connection to be made there, but it’s late Sunday night as I write this and I’m too tired and too doped out on L-Tryptophan to make it right now…

Pay No Attention To The Sponsor Behind The Curtain.

Pay no attention to the sponsor behind the curtain.

“I have always hated the basic undercurrent of magic which Jerry Seinfeld put best when he said: ‘All magic is “Here’s a quarter, now it’s gone. You’re a jerk. Now it’s back. You’re an idiot. Show’s over”.'”

– Penn Jillette

First off, (as it’s not every day a comment of yours gets mentioned on the Michael Bane podcast), let me make one thing perfectly clear (shakes jowls):

Shooting Gallery and Best Defense are two of the exceptions to what I am about to talk about! (I haven’t seen Rapid Fire because no cable, but if previous shows are any indication…).

*rant mode off*

Back before I had Outdoor Channel, the only gun show I could watch was a guns and gear show on what was then called the Versus Sports Channel. And it was horrid. It was half an hour of people talking about how their sponsors guns were great and neat and the coolest thing ever, intermixed with ads for their sponsors. It was really hard to tell, at times, when the show ended and the ad began.

When I started to get into coyote hunting, I watched a show ostensibly about predator calling, but was nothing more than “Hi, here we’re using the ‘Obsequious Rabbit’ setting on our WolfRam XP-4000 Caller to bring in a coyote. Wait for it… BAM, he’s dead. Aren’t I cool, and isn’t the WolfRam XP-4000 a cool piece of must-have gear for the serious predator hunter?”

Replace “coyote” with any other game animal and the WolfRam XP-4000 with any other piece of shooting/sports gear and you have the template for 90% of the content on both the Sportsman’s and Outdoor Channel. All I learned from those shows is that in order to shoot coyotes, I need to be the host and have the host’s gear.

But I’m not the host, and I don’t believe that gear makes the shot, but rather, the man makes the shot. The gear is helpful, but at the end of the day, it’s ME behind the trigger, and no amount of gadgetry is going to make up for a bad trigger squeeze (ask me how I know this…).

Some people in the hunting community get it: Two local organizations, Arizona Predator Callers and Xtreme Predator Callers emphasize teaching adults to learn how to hunt for themselves and not just take them out on a two-day hike where they get to kill something. Outside of the hunting realm, Babes With Bullets and Her Handgun make shooting fun for women, and Rob Leatham’s Intro To Steel and the Ruger Rimfire Challenge are excellent (and cheap) introductions into the world of practical shooting. But sadly, this is still the exception and not the rule.

Hopefully, that will change. Guns have become popular as of late because freedom has become popular, and firearms are the gateway drug to freedom.

Is the vast majority of firearms media educating its readership to make choices as free people?

I’ll let you decide that.

I miss having cable TV and the Outdoor Channel not because I miss watching “GUNSRCOOL MAGAZINE PRESENTS “CELEBRITY IBEX HUNTING” FEATURING WIZBANG RIFLES SPONSORED BY BLAST-O-MATIC AMMUNITION” but because I miss watching shooting shows that treated me as a living, thinking, breathing adult who happens to be into shooting. Hopefully, firearms media will catch on to the fact that we consumers have choices now, and if content we get in return for the $100+ a month we pay for cable or dish isn’t valuable to us, we’ll look elsewhere.

Michael gets it. Others don’t. In the meantime, we, the consumer, must wait.

And because Michael’s been on a punk rock kick as of late, here’s The Clash doing The Guns of Brixton. Miss you, Joe. Who’d have thought you’d go before Topper?

SHOT Show Predictions

SHOT Show predictions

We already know that Sig Sauer is coming out with a double-stack .45 to call their own for SHOT, and RTB has a few more predictions of his own:

  1. Benelli will introduce barreled actions in different gauges for their modular Vinci platform to included magazine tubes
  2. Crimson Trace will expand their LightGuard line of products to fit the Beretta 92/96/M9 series of pistols
  3. The introduction of several new pistol caliber carbines
  4. Savage Arms will bring a modular chassis system for their rifles to market

I’m hoping that #3 is a given. Right now, there’s the Hi-Point carbine, the Kel-Tec Sub2000, the Beretta CX4 and, um, err….
A sub-$1000 (heck, sub-$700) carbine in 9mm or .40 that takes hi-cap pistol mags would RULE and be a great home defense gun. 

My predictions: 

  1. Even more zombie stuff
  2. A 1911 slide from a name-brand manufacturer (Caspian? STI?) that’s set up for a Deltapoint or RMR right out of the box (why should Glock and M+P shooters have all the fun?) 
  3. Lightweight AR’s becoming the new norm

Something I’d like to see but probably won’t: A .22LR auto pistol about the same size as the common mini 9mm’s out there and / or pocket .380’s. It’d be nice to have something to train and practice with that was the same size and shape as my carry gun, but didn’t break the bank to shoot regularly, especially now that we may be facing another Great Ammo Shortage. 

Special Extra Bonus Prediction: One heck of a good time at the GunBlogger Meetup.

So what are you hoping for at SHOT?

Did The Earth Move For You, Too?

Did the Earth move for you, too?


Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:OUTD) today announced that its board of directors unanimously approved a definitive merger agreement with InterMedia Outdoors Holdings, LLC (“IMOH LLC”) which in turn controls The Sportsman Channel, a national cable television network for outdoor enthusiasts, and InterMedia Outdoors, Inc., a multi-media company that publishes 15 market leading outdoor magazines, 20 leading websites and is a leading television producer in the category. IMOH LLC is controlled by InterMedia Partners VII, L.P., a private equity investment fund.

This merger will create InterMedia Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (“IMOH Inc.”), the premier media and content company serving the large and growing market of outdoor enthusiasts in the United States. This transaction unites the industry leaders in outdoor television, print, digital and social media, as well as editorial and content production for the hunting, shooting, fishing and conservation categories. The combination will enable IMOH Inc. to serve the vast and growing consumer base of outdoor enthusiasts across all media while providing an unparalleled multimedia platform for distributors, producers and advertisers to connect with one of the country’s largest vertical lifestyle markets. 

What does this mean for gunbloggers? Off the top of my head, big mergers tend to create opportunities for smaller, more agile businesses to gain market space in the gaps left behind from the merger, so if you’re a blogger looking to move into online video, now might be a good idea. Also, bigger company = bigger pool of capital = better production values. And hopefully, this means…


Seriously guys, we’ve had downloaded TV shows for what, five, ten years now? Get with the program (pun intended). Podcasts are nice, NetFlix is nicer.