An Update From The Trenches

An update from the trenches

Only one AR lower per customer, please,” and that was for a $400 lower.

And I needed more factory ammo for some upcoming training for me and Mrs. ExKev, (Combat Focus Shooting for me, NRA Basic Pistol for her).

Walmart? None. No 9mm, no .40, no nuthin’. Sportsman’s Warehouse had (had) ten 50 round boxes left, which I snapped up immediately.

The NRA is signing up 6,000 people per day. I wonder how many people per day the Bradys are signing up…

Legal Firepower

Legal Firepower

In addition to Robb’s excellent suggestion of writing every legislator you can think of to let them know where you stand on your right to defend your life and family, and Sebastian’s grass-roots rabble-rousing (consider myself roused), consider putting your money where your mouse is and donate to the Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA ILA

Those two organizations are going to be on the front lines of preventing and/or challenging any invasive legislation designed to disarm us. The ILA (for all the warts and foibles) is still THE most effective gun lobby out there, and the SAF’s record on legal challenges is second to none. And it’s the end of the year, which means this is your last chance to put your money somewhere useful before the government takes it from you on April 15th. 

Get involved. Get out your wallet. Get moving. 

Quote Of The Day, 12/19 Edition

Quote of the Day, 12/19 Edition

“This is not our last stand, it is theirs. If we beat them back now, if we deny them their agenda and keep the lawmakers in line, we will sweep these people from the field.” 


 Or as somebody said a long, long time ago, “All things be ready if our minds be so.

After-Action Report: Kate Krueger Talking Guns

After-Action Report: Kate Krueger Talking Guns

Kate and Me.Short report, I had a blast. 

Longer report, Kate made it easy and fun. 

I mean, it’s talk radio, so it’s not like you can stay up late and do a lot of homework for it. There’s a zen to this sort of thing, where you let the conversation guide the show, and in that sense, I just sat back and Kate and I talked about Connecticut and SHOT and the USPSA Area 2 Championship and the Arizona Bloggershoot and guns and why the world WON’T end on Friday. 

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

Open Mouth. Insert Foot On Landmine.

Open mouth. Insert foot on landmine.


Cheaper Than Dirt! is suspending online sales of firearms effective immediately.

We are reviewing our policy internally, and will continue to be the leader in the outdoor industry with our full line of gear and accessories.

Michael Tenny, CEO

As I said in the original post, if it was because they can’t keep up with sales volume, then you says something like, “Hey, look, we’re up to our @sses in orders right now and we’re going to hold off selling more until our our search and rescue team makes contact with the shipping department,” they should say that. To suspend gun sales right after the show they were sponsoring (3 Gun Nation) gets yanked off the air gives the appearance of craven cowardice in the face of adversity.

How long did it take Colt, Ruger and Smith and Wesson to recover from waffling on civilian firearms rights in the 90’s? Will it take a longer or shorter time for CTD! to recover from this, now that we are so active and involved online? 

Stand by us, and we’ll stand by you once the storm has cleared. Abandon us, and we will remember your actions when things get better. 

Bring Back The Ruger PC-9

Bring Back the Ruger PC-9

Ruger Pistol Caliber Carbine

And the Marlin Camp-9 while we’re at it.


A few reasons.

  • There are very few inexpensive but nice 9mm carbines. There’s the Beretta CX4, and then my choices are pricey (9mm upper), average (Kel-Tec Sub2k) or charitably low-end (Hi-Point).
  • Caracal’s coming out with one, so is Tavor and Saiga’s got a new one too. If there weren’t the demand for them, they wouldn’t make ’em. Speaking of which…
  • “Tactical Carbine/Shotgun” matches are popping up all over the place, allowing people shoot 3 Gun-style matches without having to deal with rifle-strength targets or have a 300+ yard range nearby.
  • A 9mm Carbine makes a dandy home-defense long gun, giving you the increased control and added thump of more muzzle velocity of a long gun without the over-penetration worries of a rifle-caliber carbine.
  • And it makes a dandy bug-out gun, too. Having to carry around one kind of ammo and carry one set of magazines makes a lot of sense when you’re dealing with limited space and weight. A 9mm carbine maxes out at about 100 yards, but that’s all you’ll be likely to need in anything other than a complete and total “SHTF” scenario.

Memo to Ruger: Take the PC-9, slap on the furniture from your tactical Mini-14, and you’re there. And Marlin, same goes for you.

And feel free to hire me to write your ad copy for you. Again.

Sweet Meteor Of Death For The Dinosaur Media

Sweet meteor of death for the dinosaur media

Rather than be part of the growing, popular, multicultural world of firearms, NBC Sports and Discovery have chosen to become even more irrelevant by cancelling 3 Gun Nation and American Guns

I’ll confess I never watched American Guns (no cable, duh), but 3 Gun Nation is/was a fantastic show that really presented our sport as exciting, challenging and safe. 

So naturally, NBC Sports cancels it.

FPS Russia has millions of subscribers, Hickock45, NutNFancy and others have thousands and thousands of viewers, and NBC Sports thinks they’re going to change our culture by “not showing gun programming”. 

No word on whether they’ll cancel all the shows on NBC with cops who carry guns, because as we all know, they’re the only ones qualified to carry a Glock .40… 

Yesterday’s News

Yesterday’s news

They still don’t get it

But even though the public might not overwhelmingly favor gun control, there’s reason to believe that Democrats can again feel comfortable fighting for gun control after a decade of keeping it on the back-burner. After all, they’re less reliant on rural, gun-owning voters than at any time in the history of the party. 

The problem with that idea is the idea that gun owners today are rural hicks interested only in hunting. 

We’re not. We’re urban (exurban, in my case), well-educated and we’re more interested in self-protection and living safely than we are in bagging that perfect trophy critter. 

But hey, if the anti-gunners want to push gun control onto us, let them go right ahead. 

We’re the NRA. And we vote. More than they do.