Shot Show, Day One

Shot Show, Day One

Actually, this was just a half-day, as the drive up from the Valley took care of the morning.

You’re DARN RIGHT I went to the CZ-USA booth right away! This year, they had a couple of interesting products: A pump-action shotgun with interchangeable barrels (short defensive barrel and longer hunting barrel) at a price point that’s very competitive with the Mossberg Maverick. Looks like it could really establish CZ’s rep in the scattergun market.

Pistol-wse, they had two guns I was interested in: The full size polymer P09, with 19 round capacity,

CZ P09

And the P01 SDP. Not sure what that “SDP” means, but the durn thing sure is pretty.
Update: SDP mean’s it’s been worked over into a schweet carry gun, with a new hammer, trigger work and Hiene sights. *like*


And then it was over the Armscor/Rock Island booth. I’m intrigued by their new .22 TCM round, especially if they make an AR upper for it, but they’re known for their 1911’s, and their booth didn’t disappoint.

Rock Island Line

And a gadget that caught my eye. I’ma BIG fan of smartphone apps that make my life easier, and this little iScope gadget intrigues the HECK out of me. Look for more a more detailed review on this later.

Last stop on the journey was the Eversharp booth to have my CRKT Pazoda sharpened.

sharp sharpener

Short review: WOW. I can’t justify dropping $150 on a knife sharpener, but if your profession requires sharp knives, buy one now.

Stop Mass Murderers By Stopping Suicide

Stop mass murderers by stopping suicide

Take a minute or two to read this post over at Great Satan

Mass murderers never ask themselves, “And after I kill all these innocent people, how will I escape?”

The “escape” is a pre-planned suicide – whether delivered by one’s own hand or by a police sharpshooter.

The vast majority of the mentally ill are not violent, but those who become suicidal represent a special threat to themselves, and sometimes others. The so-called suicide “contagion effect” travels like a virus from one suicidal mind to another suicidal mind via the media, and most mass murders follow another event previously publicized where a “like me” suicidal, rage-filled young man kills others and then himself. 

Only by preventing the development of his suicidal desire, ideation, intent, capacity, planning and, yes, frustrating his attempt to acquire the firearms that his rage requires to express itself can we hope to find a compassionate and sustainable solution. Early detection, assessment, and treatment of emergent suicidal behavior in known at-risk populations will at least give us a chance for reducing violence in our nation. 

So as the gun debate unfolds let’s not get lost in the bushes of how many bullets a Bushmaster holds, but view it through this lens:

  • Almost all mass murderers die by suicide.
  • Suicide is preventable.
  • Prevent suicide and you prevent violence. 

Read the whole thing, and share it wide and as far as possible. If we’re going to debate the causes of mass murder, let’s debate the actual causes, and not limit ourselves to one of many available means. 

A Gun TV Show Renaissance?

A Gun TV Show Renaissance?

Intel is looking to shake up cable TV, and shake it hard

For the first time, consumers will be able to subscribe to content per channel, unlike bundled cable services, and you may also be able to subscribe per show as well. Intel’s set-top box will also have access to Intel’s already existing app marketplace for apps, casual games, and video on demand. Leveraging the speed of current broadband, and the vast shared resources of the cloud, Intel plans to give customers the ability to use “Cloud DVR”, a feature intended to allow users to watch any past TV show at any time, without the need to record it ahead of time, pause live tv, and rewind shows in progress. 

At last, we might (might) be getting the la carte cable programming we’ve been wanting for so long. In order for me to watch Top Gear and Shooting Gallery and the good stuff on cable, I have to get 300+ channels of stuff that I don’t want. What this means is that firearms-related TV shows will finally get the market they deserve, not the market that the cable companies lock them into. 

Wrong Side Of History, Part Deux

Wrong Side of History, Part Deux

Seriously, why would ANYONE do business with Bank of America. First it was BofA’s refusal to do business with MacMillan Firearms, now this

My name is Joe Sirochman owner of American Spirit Arms and I wanted to share my recent experience with Bank of America .(which we have been doing business with for over 10 years)…. Everyone is familiar with the latest increase in guns sales , dealers selling out of inventory , Manufacturers back logged for months , large revenue all generated in the last two weeks …. American Spirit Arms is no exception to the overwhelming demand . What we have experienced is that our web site orders have jumped 500 % causing our web site E commerce processing larger Deposits to BANK OF AMERICA ..Well, this through up a huge RED Flag with Bank of America . So they decided to hold the deposits for further review , meaning that the orders/payments that were coming in through the web ,( being paid by the customer and that were shipped out by American Spirit Arms ),the BANK was keeping (UNDER REVIEW ) you could imagine this made me furious…After countless hours on the phone with BANK OF AMERICA I finally got a Manager in the right department that told me the reason that the deposits were on hold for FURTHER REVIEW …HER EXACT WORDS WERE … 

Un-believe-able. The management of the Bank of America in our state needs to be held responsible for their opposition to civil rights, and that needs to happen now. 

And seriously, DO NOT BANK WITH THE BANK OF AMERICA! How many more of these “isolated incidents” will it take before we as a firearms community take our business elsewhere?

Arizona BloggerShoot After Action Report

Arizona BloggerShoot After Action Report

Y’know something? Being around guns for eight hours with loud muzzle brakes and forgetting to hydrate properly is exhausting! 

Ok, back to the action. ExurbanDoug and myself showed up at Elsy Pearson at 7:30 am, and Kevin had already set up his much-abused steel targets and bowling pins at 25 feet, 50 yards, 100 yards, 200 yards and 250 yards. Doug and I had brought a couple of AR’s, a couple of Mossbergs and a few pistols. I brought a thrower for clays but forgot the clays, so Doug and I drove up to the Casa Grande Walmart to buy some. 

Walmart (WALMART!) was out of clays. They did have 3 boxes of 9mm, though, which we promptly bought. When we got back to the range, Primeval Papa was there with his incredibly sweet new .44 Big Boy


I have absolutely no use for a brass .44 Magnum lever gun. After shooting his, I want one SO badly, I can taste it. I banged the 100 yard steel with his 4 times out of 5, no small thing for a shooter of my suckiness. 

Kevin had his usual assortment of implements of destruction, including (but not limited to) a Garand, his hyper-sweet M-25, an Ultra-Carry II and 10/22, and his boss’s boss’s boss’s semi-auto Tommy Gun. 

Cap Pig and Mz. VRWC showed up after lunch with his Christmas present, that rarest of rare birds, a brand-new AR. His had a Viking Tactics muzzle brake that REALLY works (oh, my poor ears!) and a Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4x scope (good choice!)  During all of this, Doug and I amused ourselves with my Smith and Wesson Shield, CZ P07, CZ -82, M22 w/red dot and my AR’s and shot everybody else’s guns, and I found out the Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle is quite nice. Very nice indeed. 

And the range was PACKED! Ten of us (I forget names at the drop of a hat, so I know I forgot people) were there for the Bloggershoot, and every bench on the line was taken. Lots of AR’s in sight, all with standard-capacity mags, and yet none of them (NONE!) leapt off the shooting benches and started shooting people. 

I wonder why that is… 

All in all, this was probably the best Bloggershoot yet. If you live in the Copper State and enjoy shooting, make it a point to join us next year. 

P.S. JayG couldn’t be there, but he was there in spirit. 


Why Gunbloggers Matter

Why gunbloggers matter

Chris Dolnack of the NSSF sent this out on Twitter yesterday, and I think it’s a great template for firearms-related companies who want to get into online marketing and but are nervous about the “Wild West” of new media and gunblogging.  

How can you drop that negative review or a spiteful blog post from your Google results? Create or cultivate new Google results to replace it.

“The best ways to respond to negative reviews is usually to get engaged in the conversation,” Frohlichstein says. “Your responses also show up in the Google search.”

Leslie Hobbs, public relations director for, says the content doesn’t have to come from you. You can ask other customers to post positive things to counteract the bad stuff.

“If you’re a great company, working with customers to build up a body of reviews will normalize your results over time,” she says. “The few negative reviews will be proportional and will not unfairly dominate your results.”

Hobbs warns, however, that business owners should never offer incentives in exchange for a positive online review or blog post; nor should they write reviews themselves. People can sniff out a fake.

In other words, the best antidote for bad reviews is more speech, not censorship. It’s funny/strange that a full year has passed since the GunsAmerica flareup, and in that time, there’s been no outreach by them to get rid of some very negative search results. I guess they figure they can live without positive PR or something.

The lack of firearms companies doing Word of Mouth and Evangelism marketing is a mystery to me. We’re here, we’re passionate about guns and we support the people who support us. You’d think they’d be able to connect the dots and get the grassroots to shell out some green. 

Gun Ban Legislation Halted In Illinois… For Now.

Gun Ban Legislation Halted in Illinois… for now.


“There’s not enough support in the Illinois Senate to impose tough new restrictions on semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips.

In a setback for gun-control advocates in the wake of the killings of school children in Connecticut, the Illinois Senate was poised to adjourn Thursday without voting on two pieces of legislation aimed at limiting access to certain kinds of weapons and bullets.” 

Translation: Illinois Senate decides to come to senses, avoids getting their @sses sued into oblivion by the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation and every other group that supports the Constitution.