Match Video – USPSA Area 2 Championship, Stage 10

Match Video – USPSA Area 2 Championship, Stage 10

I got tired of competition videos where you couldn’t tell what was being shot from where, so I created this in iMovie in less than an hour. 

It’s interesting to compare the video from this year to video of me from last year. 

  1. My split times are MUCH quicker. 
  2. Movement is better, too. 
  3. I seem to be less awkward on the stage and I seem act like I know what I’m doing, (even when I don’t). 
  4. I don’t dive into ports as much. 

Nice to see that I’m getting better at this game, despite my best efforts to the contrary….

Range Finder

Range finder

Looks like there’ll soon be a new range in the Valley of the Gun

Tempe’s well-known cluster of furniture and home-furnishing stores anchored by Ikea near Warner Road and Interstate 10 soon will be home to the city’s first indoor shooting range.

C2 Tactical Indoor Shooting Range, lead by investor Boe Bergeson, recently paid $1.12 million for a 17,219-square-foot showroom in the Emerald Design Center just south of IKEA near Warner and Priest Drive, according to a statement Monday by Lee & Associates Inc. in Phoenix, which brokered the deal.

Bergeson also owns Caswells Shooting Range in Mesa. Plans are to open the range early next year. 

Neat. South Tempe/Chandler/Ahwatukee has been needing a range for quite some time now. Take a look at this map of ranges here in Phoenix (blue dots are outdoors ranges, red dots are indoor ranges). 

Indoor and outdoor

The new range will go right over the first “E” in Ahwatukee, perfectly set to suck up some of the disposable income from the middle-class ‘burbs of the SouthEast Valley, and judging by that map, there’s a need for a range in East Mesa and another in North Phoenix, too… 

Ok, SGC and Shooter’s World, you’ve been put on notice. 

Stupid Hurts More People Than Just The Stupid

Stupid hurts more people than just the stupid

FIrst, the good news. A bunch of Saudi yayhoos managed to remove themselves from the gene by their own moronic actions. 

Now, the bad news. A bunch of women and children also paid the ultimate price for their stupidity

At least 25 people have been killed by electric shock in a wedding in eastern Saudi Arabia, civil defence officials and local media say.

Celebratory gunfire brought down an electric cable at a house in Ain Badr village where the wedding was held on Tuesday night, Abdullah Khashman, an Eastern Province official, said.

Thirty others were injured in the incident near Abqaiq, a centre of the Saudi energy industry.

Some Saudi media reports said the blaze erupted inside a tent, killing at least 23 women and children. 

Here’s a hint: There is no such thing as “celebratory gunfire.” 

Via The Firearm Blog.

Same Planet, Different Worlds

Same planet, different worlds

I found the difference in messaging and demographic target in these two ads to be endlessly fascinating. 

Which one is the more effective ad? Well, they both are. They’re targeting two completely different groups of people with their message, and while “My Glock gives me confidence to live my life” treads a little too close to Dr. Freud’s territory for my liking (Do golfers who use Ping Zing II’s ever say “My 5 iron gives me the confidence to live my life”? I doubt it.), the fact is, it’s NICE to see USPSA being used by a gun company to sell ads. 

And the Shield ad is brilliantly targeted on Gun Culture 2.0. No slow motion panning shots of a father and son in camo, just ordinary people going about their everyday lives with a small 9mm nearby. Even though the style is totally different than the Glock spot, the message is still aimed at the new breed of gun owners who see practical pistol competition, personal defense and concealed carry as the reasons to own guns, not hunting or target practice. 

A Tale Of Two Safe Companies

A tale of two safe companies

I have two quick access safes in my house: One upstairs, a GunVault MicroVault that holds my CCW gun, and a SecureVault SV downstairs that holds a CZ82 for immediate response and home defense. I’ve had issues with the GunVault before, and Cannon Safes sent out a replacement GunVault right away when my safe stopped opening. 

I’ve now had the same issue with the SecureVault, namely, the cable between the lock and the keypad has come loose, so entering the correct keycode won’t open the lock, and to make matters worse, I can’t find the keys to the safe. 

I called SecureVault yesterday for help, and their response was…

a) Because the safe is more than two years old, it’s out of warranty.

b) Because the safe is three years old, they don’t stock replacement keys for it anymore.

So in other words, I’m on my own.

Not only am I on my own, but their advice to me was (and I swear I’m not making this up) to PRY OPEN THE SAFE in order to get my gun out, ruining the safe (and my chances of ever doing business with SecureVault again) in the process

They can’t/won’t send a key. Their warranty expires right before their product expires. And unlike GunVault, SecureVault won’t help you after the warranty is over. So this is what I ended up with after the $100 I spent on a SecureVault safe and ten short minutes with a pry bar, hammer and crowbar.  

If you are looking for a quick-access safe, I would STRONGLY advise you to stay away from SecureVault, lest you end up with a safe you can’t open when you want to, and a safe you can’t close when you’re done. 

Product Review: Blackhawk! Tuckable Leather Holster

Product Review: Blackhawk! Tuckable Leather Holster

Blackhawk tuckable and ShieldAdvantages: Small, carries very comfortably and easily, reasonably priced 
Disadvantages:  No adjustment for cant, hard to re-holster 

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 

I’ve been carrying the Smith And Wesson Shield in a Crossbreed Minituck for the past few weeks mainly because I’m a fan of their holsters: Their stuff works on the range (I use them with my P07 in IDPA) and they also work for daily carry. However, variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes, so I wanted to look at more options. 

Blackhawk! is known for their SERPA retention holsters, but they make a wide variety of other holster styles as well.  The model I’m using right now for the Shield is their leather tuckable inside the waistband (IWB) holster, size 3, which is described for use with a Glock 26 or 27 but it also works for just about any mini or sub-compact 9mm/.40 out there. 

Comforatble to carryThe Blackhawk! holster is MUCH thinner than the Minituck and carries very comfortably. I’ve been wearing the Blackhawk! holster for two days straight now and most of the time I forget I’m carrying a gun mainly due to how thin this sucker is. Concealment-wise, because the Blackhawk! holster uses one attachment point versus the Crossbreed’s two points, gun and holster flat-out disappears when it’s tucked in. 

This concealment and ease of use comes at a price, though. There is no way to adjust the cant or angle of carry on the holster. I prefer an “FBI cant” or a slight forward angle of carry, so it’s harder for me to grip and withdraw my gun from this holster than it is with other holsters. Just how that affects my draw times will be determined during my next trip to the range, but the Blackhawk! feels noticably slower than the Crossbreed.

Gun? What Gun? Also, the leather is soft, which makes it comfortable to carry but means the holster pocket collapses after the gun is withdrawn. That, combined with the aforementioned gripping problems, makes re-holstering without undressing problematic at best (and dangerous at worst).

I would NOT recommend this holster for training, practice or competition. However, if you’re looking for something that makes your gun easy to carry and don’t mind the lack of adjustment, it’s definitely worth your money.  

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Trying To Kick Cancer

Trying to kick cancer

My niece Madeline is battling luekemia. She’s a heck of girl and may just pull through, but my sister’s family could use a little help with paying for the gap in-betwen their insurance and their out of pocket costs. 

I know Kilted to Kick Cancer just ended and I know the holidays are almost on us and I know money is tight right now, but every little bit helps

Thanks for your generosity,

– Kev

p.s. And hug your loved ones tonight extra-hard.