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Some great tips for maximizing your time on an indoor range.

Police lives matter. So does my life.

Top Six Gun Store Pet Peeves. Stocking ammo is a tough call… you have to carry every kind of ammo there is, or carry nothing. But the website thing? Oh yeah.

I apologize for nothing.

Seven essential accessories for your new defensive pistol.

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What’s wrong with 3 Gun, and how to fix it.

The Worst Gun Fans In The World – Championship Edition

The Worst Gun Fans In The World – Championship Edition

Worst Gun Fans In The WorldWe are done to the Big Dance, where it’s all on the line, where the rubber meets the road, where the sports metaphors come to a merciful end.

In the blue corner, Taurus Judge Fan, with his unnatural affection for a gun that’s supposed to combine the best parts of a pistol and shotgun, yet somehow manages to do neither.

In the green corner, .40 S&W fan, bitterly clinging to an outdated caliber that was supposed to be the perfect compromise between 10mm and 9mm, but now finds itself out of style and out of time.

In the undercard match for third place (or second loser, as some call it), we have Desert Eagle fan, watching and re-watching “The Last Action Hero” on VHS in his mom’s basement, going up against Springfield XD fan… sorry, I don’t know how to write anything mean in Croatian, so I’ll let this one slide for now.

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The Worst Gun Fans In The World – The Final Four

The Worst Gun Fans In The World – The Final Four

In a squeaker decided by less than 1%, XD Fan is  more obnoxious than 9mm Fan. The brackets for the Big Dance are now set:

Taurus Judge Fan vs. XD Fan, and Desert Eagle Fan versus .40S&W Fan.

Vote now!

And for those who were asking, no, there is no licensed apparel for this Final Four contest available at this juncture, but we are looking to offer a tasteful selection of branded ball caps, t-shirts, hoodies, and banana hammocks at some point in the future.


Worst Gun Fans In The World, Round Two

Worst Gun Fans In The World, Round Two



Honestly, I tossed in Taurus Judge fans at the last minute as a throwaway. Are they the Cinderella story of the tournament? Will they go all the way? Vote now, and encourage your friends to vote as well!

Round Two Voting is underway: Vote here, and spread the word!


What Do You Do With A Problem Like Gun Owners?

What Do You Do With A Problem Like Gun Owners?

Extending out the gay rights analogy that I’ve used before, how much of the bigotry against gays in the 80’s* was based on the fear of AIDS? People thought that to drink from a glass that a gay person drunk from was instant death, and that’s not even mentioning the irrational fear that AIDS would transfer over en masse to the straight community.

So people were shunning a minority based on a irrational, superstitious fear that just being around that minority might cause them to die.

Why does that sound so familiar….

* Having gay friends and straight friends in the 80’s was rather sad in some ways because I knew people in my circle of friends who would have gotten along great with each other, had it not been for the fact that one was gay and one couldn’t handle that fact. It was sad to watch people intentionally lead a smaller life, just because they couldn’t conquer their prejudices.

Context Matters

Context Matters

I hate Deagles, but I know they’re a hoot to shoot.

I don’t own a Glock, but I know they’re a good gun to start with.

I know Glocks are good guns to start with, but I wouldn’t recommend one to someone whose hands have been weakened by arthritis or age.

Context matters. There is no “one size fits all” solution for sodas, (that’s why they make Pepsi, Coke and RC) and there’s no perfect carry gun for everyone, everywhere. There are reasons why maroons like myself prefer Macs over Windows, why people use Linux over Macs and why people choose something other than a Glock 19 for their first gun. Some of them might be bad reasons (dumb advice from gun store clerks or supposedly knowledgable friends), some might be good reasons, such as it was for me, when I found I was demonstrably more accurate with a CZ75 starting out than I was with a Glock 17.

Chesterson’s fence applies to a lot of things, and the gun community would be a better place if we heeded its lesson more often.

One Trick Pony.

One Trick Pony.

Michael Bane made an interesting comment about Tam’s post about the Taurus Spectrum, mentioning how the Walkman was, in some ways, the progenitor of the iPhone.

Which made me remember that the Walkman was the beginning of the personal media revolution we know live in. The introduction of Walkman was the first time that we could decide what music we ourselves could listen to at any given moment in the day, The Walkman begat the iPod which turned out to be an evolutionary dead end: Even Apple doesn’t make them anymore. It was a dead end because it could really only do one thing, play music. Even though the iPod could carry around thousands and thousands of songs, in the end, it wasn’t enough to compete against the next big thing, which was the iPhone and streaming music services.

The iPhone, on the other hand, is still continuing to grow and expand because it CAN grow and expand. Thanks to the App Store and iOS, you can make your iPhone into just about anything you want it to be.

Guns are iPods: they do only one thing. This isn’t a bad thing, though. After all, Apple’s “digital hub strategy” was built around one-use gadgets like the iPods and digital video cameras, and it resurrected the company and made them gazillions of dollars.

This is where we’re trying to get to right now with guns: We need a “security hub” strategy, where we integrate the unitasker (guns) along with all the other elements of personal security into our lives and the lives of the people around us and turn ourselves into our own first responders.

However, what made Apple’s digital hub strategy obsolete was another Apple product, the iPhone. The iPhone took all of those disparate tasks performed by separate devices and compressed them into one easy to carry device, which meant you didn’t need a computer at the center of your digital life anymore.

We’re not at that stage yet. Heck, we’re not even at the stage were Walkmans guns are a common sight in our society.

Colt Competition .45 ACP 1911 2000 Round Challenge – Rounds 1251 -1400

Colt Competition .45 ACP 1911 2000 Round Challenge – Rounds 1251 -1400

… so we had our first legitimate problem with the Colt Competition 1911, a double-feed on round 1347 while shooting the weekly steel match at Louland.

The good news is, I took first place in Single Stack. The bad news is, I was the only one shooting Single Stack.

Kinda disappointing that we couldn’t go all the way to 2000 rounds without a hitch with this gun, but honestly, one problem in 1300+ rounds, with a 1911 that costs under $1000?

Not bad. Let’s see what the other 600 rounds look like.

Colt Competition 2000 Round Challenge

Rounds Fired:
150 Rounds Remington UMC 230 Grain FMJ


1400 Rounds Fired
One Double Feed, Round #1347