Now That I’ve Fixed The Blog Issues…

Now that I’ve fixed the blog issues…

I’ll be away from things for the next couple of days as I sort out work and side work and family life. 

I have a couple of big side projects in the pipe, (a new site for my dojo, a re-make of TrainMeAz and a series of sites for a prominent local firearms attorney) and I’m going camping this weekend with my boys and bringing along a .22: It’s high time they take their first shots with a real gun. 

Next week, look for my first impressions on the Smith and Wesson Shield, a re-test of the Pocket Nine vs. Pocket .380 vs. Compact Nine test, and more of the usual blather. 

Oh, and big shout-outs to  ExurbanSteve for wrestling the GoDaddy bug to the ground and to Capitalist Pig of Great Satan Inc. for his WordPress expertise. 

GSW’s From An MD’s Point Of View

GSW’s from an MD’s point of view

Interesting perspective on things, and definitely worth a half-hour of your time.

Be warned, there are some GRAPHIC images of gunshot wounds in this video. Watching it at work is not recommended, unless you work in an ICU. 




What’s remarkable about this rather innocuos pro-gun story about women getting into the shooting sports is that it’s in that bastion of Northeast center-left literary thought, The Atlantic.

According to the National Sporting Goods Association, female participation in target shooting grew by 46.5 percent between 2001 and 2010, to 4.89 million shooters. The National Rifle Association reports an increase in female participants in classes and events by as much as 20 percent, and the appeal appears to be recreational as well as for self-defense purposes.
As a large new segment of the population becomes armed, there’s all the more reason for increased awareness about not only who is purchasing and carrying firearms, but why those people are carrying them to begin with.
For women, that reason is often self-defense. According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, or RAINN, a woman is sexually assaulted in the U.S. every two minutes. This adds up to 207, 754 victims (age 12 or older) of sexual assault each year. Many self-defense experts believe in arming women in the event of an attack. One of the best known, Paxton Quigley, says she became an advocate after the rape of a close friend. “I asked my friend, ‘If you’d had a gun, do you think you could have stopped the attacker?'” Quigley recalled in an interview with The Daily Beast. “She said yes.”

You go, girls.

Interesting Little Gel Test

Interesting little gel test

9mm Hornandy TAP versus .45ACP Hornandy TAP.

A couple of takeaways…

At 5:39, it’s pretty obvious that the 9mm and .45 penetrated the gel to about the same depth.

At 6:13 in the video, the wound channel of the 9mm round is  bigger than the wound channel of the .45.

The .45 opens up more than a 9mm (well duh, it’s wider to start with).

Watch him go thru the wound channel comparison at 8:45, and tell me again how 9mm isn’t a decent defensive round…

When it comes to the results of this test, home defence, it seems the .45 has the advantange for home defence because it’s larger diameter means it dumps more of it’s energy into the environment before carrying on through to other things.

Courtesy of La Barba Extraña.

New Stabby Goodness

New Stabby Goodness

My trusty CRKT Pazoda has gone MIA (sob), so as an employment present to myself, I stopped by Mr. Knife Guy on the way home last week for a replacement.

My criteria were:

1. Low-profile clip. I don’t want anything that says “KNIFE!”, as it will truly be an everyday carry knife.

2. Size. I don’t want a penknife, but I don’t want a big ol’ pigsticker either.

3. Ease of use. As the point of this knife will be weak-side carry, it should be be easy to get out and easy to open.

4. Inexpensive. Under $50.

So after a few minutes going through his inventory (including some drool-worthy Emerson’s and Syderco’s), we settled on a Boker AK-74.

Yeah, I know.

It’s a knife named after a gun and therefore it’s something Gecko45 would love to own, but the fact of the matter is that it’s a good knife and it fits all the requirements I had.

So there.

And no, I don’t own a pair of Glocks with Bar-Sto barrels in .357 Sig, and no, my wife isn’t sewing tactical armor plates together so I can take a shot of .338 to the back.


Boker understands (as Apple does) that the experience of owning a product begins when the product is purchased, so they went the extra mile and made a box for the knife that looks like an AK-74 magazine, and I have to admit it’s pretty cool.

AK-74 case

And the packaging and knife inside is quite nice, as well.

Knife and case

Honestly, the only drawback I see to this knife is it’s silly name. It’s bigger than my Pazoda yet not intrusive, the steel is better than what it replaced and it’s an automatic opener, which means when I press that little button near the top it opens up justlikethat, a REAL useful thing in a knife that may need to be used for defensive purposes.

AK-74 knife

And the nice thing about it is that just like my old Pazoda, it doesn’t scream “I’ve got a knife!” when I carry it.

Carry knife

So yeah, aside from the name (why not something cutting-edge like CutCo, EdgeCom or Interslice?), I like it a lot, and hopefully it won’t suffer the same fate as it’s predecessor.

Happy Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth of July

The Avengers

“The uniform? Aren’t the stars and stripes a little… old fashioned?”

“With everything that’s happening, the things that are about to come to light, people might just need a little old fashioned.”

Care For Some Lemonade?

Care for some lemonade?

By the time this post fires off, I’ll be two hours into my new job, leading the development, marketing and deployment of a really cool web app for the health care industry. Thanks for all the emails and notes.

To paraphrase Father Divine, Employment. It’s wonderful.

Oh, and I’ll be shooting more now as well, so check out the shooting schedule over there on the sidebar and join in!

Meh. Can’t Be Tactical. No Rails, And It’s Not Flat Dark Earth.

Meh. Can’t be tactical. No rails, and it’s not Flat Dark Earth.

But I do agree with the idea. 

Behold, the Tactical Grille Apron

Constructed of 1000D Cordura in Universal Digital Camo, MultiCam, Coyote, Woodland Camo, Fire, and Law Enforcement versions, the Tactical Grilling Apron features three rows of modular attachment across the waist and two rows across the chest. These PALS/MOLLE compatible attachment points allow your Tactical Grilling Apron to accept any of your current kit, whether it be a holster, mag pouches, general purpose pouches, or a med kit, the Tactical Grilling Apron can fit your mission requirement: Steak or Stakeout.

It’s so silly, it’s almost cool.