Meh. Can't Be Tactical. No Rails, And It's Not Flat Dark Earth.

Meh. Can't be tactical. No rails, and it's not Flat Dark Earth.

But I do agree with the idea. 

Behold, the Tactical Grille Apron

Constructed of 1000D Cordura in Universal Digital Camo, MultiCam, Coyote, Woodland Camo, Fire, and Law Enforcement versions, the Tactical Grilling Apron features three rows of modular attachment across the waist and two rows across the chest. These PALS/MOLLE compatible attachment points allow your Tactical Grilling Apron to accept any of your current kit, whether it be a holster, mag pouches, general purpose pouches, or a med kit, the Tactical Grilling Apron can fit your mission requirement: Steak or Stakeout.

It’s so silly, it’s almost cool.

What A Good Email Looks Like

What a good email looks like

I’ve recently been spending some of my ill-gotten booty revenue from GunUp ads on eBay, buying things like my Bushnell TRS-1 and the like, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this in my Inbox last week. 


This is what a good email campaign looks like. eBay knows what I bought in the past, so they believe that I might be likely to buy things like rangefinders and other hunting stuff. They’re not shotgunning their offers, they’re targeting their offers based on past customer behaviour.

Unfortunately, they’re wrong in this instance because I’m more in Gun Culture 2.0 (CCW) than I am in Gun Culture 1.0 (Hunting), but the ideas and the methodology are still valid. The data is there, all that firearms-related websites need to do is connect the dots and make the offers. 

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Making A Statement With Open Carry

Making a statement with open carry

Last Saturday’s Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association banquet presented my wife and me with some fashion quandaries. She was worried about what to wear (I told her patriotism and enthusiasm trump fashion at such events, and I was right), while I worried about what gun to carry. 

Even though I prefer to carry discreetly, I wanted to open carry because a) I can and b) if you can’t open carry to a gun banquet, where can you open carry?
Update: Turns out that weekend was Open-Carry Weekend, so this just adds to the win.

And therein lay the problem. I don’t (yet) have a good holster for open carry for my CCW/competition guns: All my holsters are either IWB/tuckables for concealed carry or kydex BladeTech holsters more suitable for competition than for carry. 

The solution presented itself to me whilst cleaning out the garage. I found the holster my father-in-law used for the K22 I inherited when he passed away, well-worn from 30 years of constant use and complete with his initials embossed on the holster. 

A real workman's gun

It’s not some uber-cool polymer gun in the latest high-tech holster nor a well-polished cowboy rig with bright shiny buckles and it’s certainly not some spangley high-end 1911 in a holster made from manatee hide. It’s just a simple .22LR revolver in a simple yet well-made holster that was worn and used by a man whose family has lived and worked in Arizona since before Arizona was a state. 

Simple. Effective. Timeless.

The ASRPA has also been around for longer than the state of Arizona, and wearing this gun in this holster to the banquet somehow felt right. The K22 isn’t what most people would think of as a daily carry gun, but my father-in-law wore that gun in that holster all over the Tonto National Forest, and it’s probably dispatched more varmints than any other gun in the state. 

I wore that simple, rugged gun to honour the legacy of a simple (in the very best sense of the word), rugged man and his role in building our state and fathering the woman who is now my wife. 

May he rest in peace. 

Sticking Point

Sticking Point

The afterglow from the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association banquet is starting to wear off (and I don’t mean hangover, either. I was open-carrying (more on that later) so I wasn’t drinking), and a good time was had by all, thanks to the generosity of the peeps at Great Satan Inc

Besides the aforementioned satanic hosts, we had Mrs. ExKev, Danno and wife and son from SandCastleScrolls and Kevin from the Smallest Minority, all doing our best to prove that gunbloggers aren’t just a drooling, boorish bunch of yobs and (mostly) succeeding in that task. 

Memo to ASRPA: If you must have politicians speak at a banquet, make sure they’re from down under. Nick Adams had more personality and more charisma than all three of the local politicians who spoke put together. 

The other highlight of the night was the raffle and auction, where a VERY nice Sharps rifle, a coach gun and a levergun/revolver combo were up for grabs. Capitalist Pig came prepared, but sadly, his obsessive compulsiveness planning and forethought came to naught, as no one at our table won any guns. We did okay in the auctions, however: CP picked up a Creedmor shooting mat for half-price, and Danno got a choice little anemometer for next to nothing. 

I managed to win a raffle, picking up a sweet little blade courtesy of Knife

Blind Horse Patch Knife

It’s a Blind Horse Knives Frontier Valley patch knife, and holey krep is this thing sharp. I’m not a knife guy, but even someone like me can tell an outstanding piece of work when I see it, and this little sucker is almost a work of art. 

Thanks again to Great Satan for the table, and thank you to the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association for all the work they do to keep Arizona free. 

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

As I try to keep the content of this blog focused on firearms, let this serve as my post for today. 

And if you know a veteran, thank him or her today for their service to your country. 

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Ya Got Trouble

Ya got trouble

Mothers of Waterbury!
Heed the warning before it’s too late!
Watch for the tell-tale sign of corruption!
The moment your son leaves the house,
Does he buckle on a thigh holster above the knee? 
Is there a powder stain on his index finger?
A Combat Handguns mag hidden in the corn crib?
Is he starting to memorize jokes from
Are certain words creeping into his conversation?
Words like ‘Glock?”
And ‘so’s your .45!?” 
Well, if so my friends,
Ya got trouble,
Right here in Waterbury!
With a capital “T”
And that rhymes with “P”
And that stands for pistol range!
We’ve surely got trouble!
Right here in Waterbury!
Remember the Maine, Plymouth Rock and the Golden Rule!
Oh, we’ve got trouble. 
We’re in terrible, terrible trouble. 
That range with it’s guns is the devil’s tool!
Oh yes we got trouble, trouble, trouble!
With a “T”! Gotta rhyme it with “P”! 
And that stands for pistol range!!! 

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Limits To Growth

Limits to growth

Reading this story about a couple who decided to downsize their home to just 204 square feet got me thinking: What if you decided to become mobile and live out of an RV? What guns would you chose, and why? 

What if space were the limiting factor on your gun purchases? You can’t just buy a new gun safe in an RV and living space is at a premium, so eight or more guns are out of the question. 

What would you take with you? 

My choices: 

1. An 18″ AR-15 in .223 with a low-power (1-6x) scope and a .22LR conversion kit. 
Good for predator / hog hunting, 3 gun competition and general fun, plus the .22 conversion kit doesn’t take up much space and provides cheap thrills. 

2. A compact 9mm service pistol 
Something like a Glock 19 or a SR-9c with four or so spare mags and a pancake OWB holster. This lets me shoot USPSA / IDPA / 3 Gun and carry it for self-defense, and 9mm lets me shoot cheaply enough to make it almost a plinker.

3. A pump action shotgun with a short (18.5″) barrel and a 24″ barrel. 
Good for protection and hunting and good enough for 3 gun. 

The only thing I might add would be either a .22LR conversion for the pistol or a dedicated .22LR pistol and maybe a slug barrel for the shotgun. 

Those three guns will allow me to shoot most of the stuff I already participate in and can easily be stowed under a couch or in a more secure location in an RV, yet still allow me to enjoy a wide variety of shooting sports. 

Fast Cars And Freedom

Fast cars and freedom

Ya gotta love the Phoenix metroplex. We’re just a couple of hours away from GunSite, and we’re home to the best driving school in the nation

I’ve wanted to take classes at the Bondurant School since they moved here, but the class I want to take costs upwards of five grand

So this will have to do for now

Given much time do we spend in our cars, spending a few moments on “What if X happens in my car?” makes a whole lot of sense.