Rio 3 Gun After-action Report

Rio 3 Gun After-action report

The results are in, and I placed 54th out of 70 shooters and 8th out of the 11 Tac Limited shooters in the 3 Gun match yesterday.

A few thoughts… 

– Rio defines “Limited” as iron-sighted rifles and rifles with red dot or 1x optics. Considering my rifle has plain ol’ A2 sights on it, eighth out of eleven ain’t that bad.

– Stage 1 was the long-range stage with pop-up targets from 100 to 230 meters. I really need to spend more time on my long-range shooting, ’cause I blew it, badly. 

– Stage 2 was a shotgun-only stage and my first-ever stage with my new 930 SPX: I pooched reloading it big-time, plus I missed 4 of the 5 flying clay pigeons on the stage. Time to head down to the trap and skeet range…

Even though I sucked with it at first, I am 100% in love with the Mossberg 930, and I’m really pumped for the Mystery Three Gun next month. 

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Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic


Earlier this year, I won a gun (ok, an AR Lower, but it counts, right?) off the prize table at the Superstition Mountain Mystery Three Gun.

And here’s what it turned into.

Cav Arms lower + MagPul

  • CavArms Lower
  • 16″ Dane Armory barrel
  • VM HyTech Upper from my old AR
  • Magpul forend
  • No-name handle and front sight

It’s unbelievably light, shoots very well and will make a great plinker/defense gun for when I don’t want to use the UEBR.



3 Gun Nation is coming to TV at last: The first show is this Monday at 7:30 (!) am. 

Oh well, that’s why they invented TiVo. 

Really looking forward to this show because if it’s done right, it could point the way to greater exposure of practical shooting on the bigger cable networks, and, dare I say it, (“Dare! Dare!”), ESPN or broadcast TV. 

(Yes, I’m the dorky-looking guy at 0:15, lower camera left with the grey hat. This is why I blog and not do a video journal…