But This One Goes To Forty-eleven

But this one goes to forty-eleven

So .40 turns out to not be an über-caliber after all


The commenters are falling into one of three (rather predictable) groups: 

1. Switch to .45 ACP! JMB invented it, and that’s all you need to know!
2. Switch to 10mm! Why settle for a lesser evil? 
3. Hah! Told you 9mm was enough! 

I’d like to (humbly) suggest a 4th and 5th option: Hit your freakin’ target, dude, and there ain’t no such thing as a one-shot stop with a handgun.

There were former and current law enforcement officers in my NRA Instructor class last weekend, and not to brag (much), I smoked ’em when it came to demonstrating the quick and proper defensive use of pistol. 


Three reasons. 

1. I practice a lot, and cops don’t. Nothing against the cops, they’ve got their hands full with all kinds of things I don’t have to worry about, like domestic violence calls and handing out speeding tickets, while I am laser-sighted (not literally, of course) on the defensive use of a handgun. But still, ammo is free for cops, why not take advantage of it? 

2. As I said, my goal with my training is simple: Stop the attack. A cop has to worry about so much more than just the defensive elements of his/her job, and there’s only 24 hours in the day. 

3. I practice in a stressful environment. Competitive shooting has GREATLY improved my ability to use a handgun in a stressful situation. IPSC, PPC, IDPA, whatever. Pick one and practice at it, and your defensive accuracy will improve. I guarantee it. 

As for the 5th option, well, I lied. If you want a one-stop shot with a handgun, there’s always a .600 Nitro Express revolver.

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Driving The Point Home

Driving the point home

We’re winning.

Pizza delivery driver gets held up, driver defends himself with a legally carried firearm. Franchise owner says “Way to go, more please.”

I wanted to assure you that the policies of both the Nippers owner and my own are such that we not only allow, but encourage our drivers with valid HCPs to carry while working. We recognize the dangers associated with the pizza delivery position and we want our employees to be able to protect themselves. 

I worked one day as a Pizza Hut delivery driver in a more, ah, exciting part of town, and that was enough for me. In my opion, anyone who who intentionally goes into bad neighborhoods with cash and food had better be armed, or else be prepared to lose both, and maybe your life as well.

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The Price You Pay For Joining A Cult

The price you pay for joining a cult

I’ll say it loud and I’ll say it proud: I’m a Mac fanboy. Have been since the original 128k Mac, probably will be right up to the point that the iThink™ computer-brain interface is plugged into my skull and I join the Neo and the others in the Matrix, so it’s not like I’m immune to the effects of a good marketing campaign.


I don’t get the appeal of the .45 Auto. They’re certainly nice to look at and have a long heritage and can do the job when needed, but that’s also true of a ’53 Buick, and I don’t see a lot of those on the road today. 

Will I own one eventually? Sure. But I’m not going to drop two grand or more on a Wilson, nor am I gonna spend $800 on a Kimber. A bare-bones .45 with decent sights will be all I need, and I’ll go on using my CZ’s, just like Jeff Cooper wanted.

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Words To Live By

Words to live by

“So what’s the secret to a good press out? There really isn’t one other than practice, but if I had to pick one area to focus on then it would be to break your draw into two completely different speeds. When your hands are empty and you’re going for the gun, go a jillion miles per hour. Go as fast as your body will move. But when you hit the gun and you’re started to extend it out for your press out, go as fast as you can see the sights.” 


Here’s what that looks like in slow-motion. 

And here it is in real-time. 

This’ll be one more thing to add along with transitions and movement to my speed-focused training regimen.

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Shooting Sports

Shooting sports

Michael Bane write about the growing popularity of the (non-hunting) shooting sports

The big trend for 2010 is the bigger than expected successes of shooting competitions on television, led by TOP SHOT on History and 3-GUN NATION on Versus. I hear channels are scrambling for more shooting programming. 

Well duh. What took them so long?

First-person shooter games have been around for thirty years, which means for thirty years, we’ve been running around and shooting things in a virtual environment. It only makes sense that the same impulses that drive us to blast the legions from hell would drive us out to the range and try our hand at the real thing. 

So what would a TV-friendly shooting show look like? Well, a lot like Top Shot or 3 Gun Nation, actually. Head-to-head competition is what makes slalom skiing so exciting, and that’s another sport that relies on technique to shave thousands of an inch at every opportunity, which is also happens to be the key to winning practical shooting. 

And, to quote Jules Winnfield, personality goes a long way. Top Shot drew in so many viewers because we were attracted to the people of the sport, and not just the sport itself. NASCAR gets this, practical shooting needs to learn this, too. 

A few more things to get practical shooting more TV-friendly: 

– Reactive targets and/or real-time scoring. Waiting around for an RO to yell out “Two Alpha” (or in my case, “Charlie Mike”) is boring. Steel is good, some kind of electronic target that shows hits in real-time would be better.

– Side by side comparisons of runs. Why did Mike Voight beat Taran Butler on Stage Three? Was it because he shot a bit faster or a bit cleaner? Showing the same run using identical camera angles and editing would go a long way into helping others understand the sport. 

– Colour commentary. Many, many football fans rely on the experts in the booth to tell them why a wishbone offense is a better idea in a given situation than the shotgun, and it’s the same with practical shooting. Why did a competitor screw the pooch on a given stage? Why did one do better? Without a colour commentator, you have to be involved in the sport to know why. A good TV host can open the competition and the sport to people who aren’t shooters, making it even more popular. 

If paintball can be shown on ESPN, why can’t USPSA? Imagine how popular IPSC would get if Dave Sevigny was on the Wheaties box… 

Is Nation-wide Reciprocity On Its Way?

Is nation-wide reciprocity on its way?

Ellen Mishaga lives in Ohio but frequently travels to Illinois. She has an Ohio CCW license and would like to protect herself when she goes to Illinois also, but firearms ownership in Illinois requires an Illinois driver’s license. 

Well, for now. That may change soon

How soon will it be until the courts rule that if a right granted by the Constitution is ok in one state, it’s ok in all 57 states? 

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Welcome To The Party

Welcome to the party

The TSA has decided that targeting lawbreakers and the law-abiding equally is the best way to stop Al-Qaeda, in much the same way that the ATF and the Brady Bunch have decided the problem with inner-city violence isn’t violent people or violent ideas, it’s the tools they use. 

To those of you who are shocked and outraged that the government would consider you as a criminal when you’ve done nothing wrong, now you know what gun owners have felt like for the last thirty years

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