Seventeenth Report

Seventeenth Report

Want to know what happens when you take a year-long break from practicing with your handgun?

You suck, that’s what happens. I do these kind of tests because you don’t want to.

Trust me on this.


CZ75 Dot Torture Drill: 47 out of 50 (5 Yards)

Yay me. I’m actually pretty happy with that result, but that was the highlight of the day. My runs thru the El Prez were painfully slow, but I made up for it with a lack of accuracy.

P07 1 P07 2 CZ75 1 CZ75 2 Shield 1 Shield 2
Target One 3AD 3AC 2ACD 3AC 2A2C 2ACD
Target Two 2ACD 4A A2CD 2A2C 2A2C 2C2D
Target Three 2A2C 2ACM 2A2C 2ACD 3AC 3AC
Time 13.24 13.89 9.99 11.2 10.25 10.55
A’s 7 9 5 7 6 5
C’s 3 2 5 4 5 4
D’s 2 2 1 1 3
M’s 1
Points 46 41 42 48 46 40
Score 3.74 2.95 4.2 4.29 4.49 3.79
Draw 2.56 2.84 2.37 1.81 2.35 2.65
Reload 3.9 3.34 2.24 3.44 3.16 2.97
Avg. Split 0.63 0.76 0.51 0.51 0.476 0.466

The only bright spot in that litany of suck and fail is the times I turned in with the Shield, which, if I’m honest, is a mystery to me. I’m guessing it’s because I short-stroked the trigger at least once on each run because of the shift from the shorter reset of the CZ75 to the longer P07 trigger. Might be time to stop riding the trigger and put what I learned from Rob Leatham into practice.

Sixteenth Report

Sixteenth Report

And I think I’m reaching a plateau. Still not mastering the Single Action/Double Action trigger on my P07, as the Dot Torture Drill shows.

Dot Torture

46 out of 50. I have only myself to blame, as every one of those misses I *knew* were misses the instant I pulled the trigger. I called my shots, and all my shots were bad.

El Presidenté Drills

P07 1 P07 2 CZ75 1 CZ75 2 Shield 1 Shield 2
Target One 3AC 3AD 2A2C 3AC 2A2C 2ACD
Target Two 2ADM A2CM 3AC 2A2C 2A2C 2C2D
Target Three 3AC ACDM 4A 2ACD 3AC 3AC
Time 12.19 8.42 8.51 7.3 10.25 10.55
A’s 8 5 9 7 7 5
C’s 2 3 3 4 5 4
D’s 1 3 1 3
M’s 1 2 1
Points 37 17 44 48 50 40
Score 3.04 2.02 5.17 6.58 4.88 3.79
Draw 2.63 2.29 2.19 1.81 2.35 2.65
Reload 3.44 2.61 2.32 2.32 3.16 2.97
Avg. Split 0.572 0.334 0.382 0.307 0.476 0.466

Lots of personal bests in those drills.

  • Best Time with the CZ75: 7.3 Seconds (Tied from when I shot the Dot Torture clean)
  • Best Split Time – CZ 75 (0.307)
  • Best Split Time – CZ P07 (.33)
  • Best Time with the Shield: 10.25 Seconds (out of six runs so far)
  • Best Score with the Shield: 4.88 Seconds
  • Best Draw Time with the Shield: 2.35 Seconds
  • Best Reload Time with the Shield: 2.97 Seconds
  • Best Split Time with the Shield: .466 Seconds

I wanted to test the Shield side by side with my P07 to see if the Shield is a viable IDPA gun, and judging by these results, it just might be…

Fifteenth Report

Fifteenth Report

I took a day off for some personal stuff and to have one last chance at a practice run before the 25th Annual USPSA Area 2 Championship (and boy, did I need it).

Here’s where a photo of how I did on the Dot Torture Drill should go, but not today. 

Why? Because I stunk up the joint, that’s why. I mean i was under 40 points on it, at 5 yards away. This is… bad. 


I got better at it as I progressed from dot to dot, so there might be some hope for me yet. 

El Presidenté Drills

  CZ75 1 CZ75 2 CZ75 3 Shield 1 Shield 2
Target 1 A3D A2CD 4A 3AM 3AD
Target 2 A2CD 3AC 4A 2A2C 3AC
Target 3 2C2D 3AC 3AC 3AC 3AC
Time 7.90 7.93 10.92 13.22 14.05
A’s 2 7 11 8 9
C’s 4 4 1 3 2
D’s 6 1      
Misses         1
Total Points 28 48 58 39 52
Score 3.54 6.05 5.31 2.95 3.70
Draw 2.04 1.88 2.37 2.82 2.91
Reload 2.51 2.24 2.70 5.2 5.02
Avg. Split 0.34 0.35 0.55 0.46 0.46

Actually, I did pretty ok on these with the CZ75, and I did the Shield runs with the Crossbreed and my horizontal mag pouch/tactical Blackberry case because there just ain’t a whole lot of choices when it comes to mag pouches for S+W Shield right now. 

My scores with the Shield were terrible compared to my USPSA Production CZ75, of course, but when I compare them to what I shot with a Sccy CPX-1 back in April, things get interesting… 

 04/06/12 Sccy 1 Sccy 2
Target 1 3AC 2ACD
Target 2 3AC 3AB
Target 3 2ACD 2A2C
Time 15.19 15.01
A’s 8 7
B’s   1
C’s 2 3
D’s 1 1
Points 47 48
Score 3.10 3.20
Draw 2.65 2.94
Reload 5.1 3.34
Average Split 0.74 0.87

My split times are faster with the Shield than they are with the Sccy, and my draw is about the same. One of the reloads with the Sccy was faster because I can use a regular ol’ mag pouch with the Sccy’s double-stack mags, and the other is the same ’cause I blew the reload on the Sccy practice run. 🙂 

I got the Shield because I was worrying about the reliability of the Sccy as a daily carry gun, but it turns out not only is it more reliable, it shoots better, too. 

… and that about does it for content for me for this week. Tune in next week for a comprehensive wrap-up of Area 2. 

Fourteenth Report

Fourteenth Report

Remember when I said yesterday my shooting has gone downhill as of late? I wasn’t kidding.

Dot Torture Drill

Dot Torture Drill: 45 out of 50. 

No excuses, I flat out SUCKED. What I HATE about that target is the lack of tight, one-hole groups. Not good.

Most of, in fact ALL OF my trouble came from the dococker on the P07, which meant going to double action at the start of a string after shooting most of the previous string single action. The antidote to this is some simple 5 shot strings, where I shoot them DA, SA, DA, SA, SA.

El Presidente Drills

P07 1 P07 2 CZ75 1 CZ75 2 Shield 1 Shield 2
Target One 2ACD 3AC 2A2C A2CD 3AC 4A
Target Two AC2D 3AC 3AC A3C 2ACD 3AC
Target Three A2CM 3AD 3AC 2ACD A2CD 4A
Time 10.04 11.3 10.37 7.39 13.99 12.68
A’s 4 9 8 4 6 11
C’s 3 2 4 6 4 1
D’s 2 1 2 2
M’s 1
Points 21 52 52 40 44 58
Score 2.09 4.6 5.01 5.41 3.15 4.57
Draw 2.14 2.65 2.56 1.82 2.93 2.46
Reload 3.34 2.79 2.69 2.14 4.09 4.09
Avg. Split 0.41 0.57 0.48 0.33 0.70 0.59

The CZ75 was shot with American Eagle 147gr FMJ’s, with noticeably soft recoil that was easy to manage. It was SO nice, I’m going look at switching to a 147gr bullet in the near future for all my reloaded rounds.

And this is where the smaller size of the Shield holds it back. With it’s small size and light weight, getting it back on-target after each shot proved to be a chore.

Lucky Thirteenth Report

Lucky Thirteenth Report

The job search ain’t goin’ so well, so it was off to the range for some recoil therapy. 

Dot Torture Drill

Dot Torture Drill: 48 out of 50. 

Yeah baby! Not bad for my second time trying this drill with my dead-stock CZ P07, and things could have been better had I paid attention on that center dot. 

El Presidenté Drills

P07 1 P07 2 P07 3 CZ75 1 CZ75 2
Target One 4A 4A 2A2C 4A 4A
Target Two 2ACD 4A A3C 3AC 4A
Target Three ACDM 2A2C 2ACM 2A2C 3AD

Time 10.43 12.23 10.62 9.27 9.13
A’s 7 10 5 10 11
C’s 2 2 6 2  
D’s 2       1
M’s 1   1    
Points 33 56 33 56 56
Score 3.16 4.58 3.11 6.04 6.13
Draw 2.53 2.56 2.44 2.18 2.16
Reload 2.51 3.06 2.52 1.76 2.23
Avg. Split 0.47 0.62 0.54 0.47 0.37

I blame those two Mikes on the P07 runs on me getting too anxious to see my hits on the last shot.  Besides that, though, I had my best score ever with the P07, and my fastest reload ever with the CZ75. Also, my split times were durn close to each other with both guns. 

I may not be competing much as of late due to my funemployment, but at least my skills aren’t withering. 

And for giggles, I ran through a F.A.S.T. drill at the end of the session (yeah, I know, you’re supposed to shoot them “cold”, without any warmup).

My time?

8.69, with one miss. I ain’t turnin’ into a robot mutant cyborg anytime soon, that’s for sure…


Twelfth Report

Twelfth Report

So the idea was to take my new mag pouch out to the range today to try it out with my CZ P07 in the Federal Air Marshall Drill. 

I brought the mag poucb. I brought the mags. I brought enough ammo. 

I forgot my gun. 


So instead, I worked out with my CZ75. 

12th Report

Five Yard Dot Torture Drill – 43 out of 50 
Actually, that’s an improvement from my last attempt at a five yard drill, so I’m cool with this. If (IF) I slowed down a bit while shooting, I could have done even better. 

El Presidenté Drills 

CZ75 1 CZ75 2 CZ75 3
Target One 3C A 2A 2C 4A
Target Two 2A C M 3A C 4A
Target Three 3A C 3A M A 3C

Time 8.38 9.26 9.53
A’s 6 8 9
C’s 5 3A C 3
M’s 1 1
Points 35 30 54
Score 4.18 3.24 5.67
Draw 1.88 2.01 1.91
Reload 2.51 2.23 2.51
Avg. Split 0.40 0.49 0.50

On that last run, there was only about a 1/10th of a second difference between my split times for the follow-up shots on the same target and the transition split time for shots on another target. 


What needs improvement? Doing that with a bit more speed. Once I pushed things a bit, the wheels came FLYING off. 

More …

Eleventh Report

Eleventh Report

I needed to tune up for the Desert Classic, so it’s off to Rio for another practice session.

Dot Torture Drill (5 Yards): 39 of out 50 

Dot Torture Drill

Boy howdy, does that suck. Worst. Score. Ever. 

On the other hand, I can shoot it clean at 3 yards and that’s my first attempt at 5 yards, so it’s within my grasp. 

Besides, if it were easy, everyone could do it.

El Presidenté Drills

Run CZ75 1 CZ75 2 CZ75 3 P07 1 P07 2
Target One 3A C 4C 3A C A B 2D 2A C D
Target Two 2A C D 2A C M A 2C D 2A C M 2A C D
Target Three 4A 2C 2D 3A C A C 2D A 2C D

Time 9.95 7.64 7.65 9.55 10.32
A’s 9 2 7 5 5
C’s 2 7 4 8 4
D’s 1 2 1 3 3
M’s 1 1
Points 52 23 48 42 40
Score 5.23 3.01 6.27


Draw 2.15 1.79 1.52 2.21 2.51
Reload 2.51 2.51 2.69 3.53 3.26
Avg. Split 0.51 0.32 0.34 0.36 0.44

My fastest draw and fastest split times ever. I did the first CZ75 run at “Normal” speed with very good (for me) hits, then really pushed the next one, then dialed it back a notch for the last run, with excellent results. If I plug that 6.27 into, it comes back with a 61%, good enough for B Class. 

I can dig it. 

The P07 was shot from concealment my SuperTuck, and this time I used an old Fobus paddle magazine holder I had lying around, with very decent results. I’m pleased that aside from my draw and reload, my times with my daily carry P07 are durn close to my times with my competition-only CZ75.

More …

Tenth Report

Tenth Report

Rather than shooting the Dot Torture with my USPSA CZ75, I shot it with my daily carry / IDPA gun, my CZ P07. And the results were pretty good. 

Dot Torture

Dot Tortture : 47/50 

I’m pleasantly surprised by this result. I can (and have) shot this drill clean with my CZ75, but the trigger on the P07 ain’t nowhere near as good as the other gun. This gives me hope that my disasterous IDPA qualifier was the result of me not dry-fire practicing and not the gun itself. 

10/03/11 CZ75 1 CZ75 2 CZ75 3 P07 1 P07 2
Target One 3A C 2A 2C 4A 2A 2C 4A
Target Two 4A 2A 2D 4A 3A C 4A
Target Three 4A 2A 2C 4A 2A C D 3A C

Time 11.65 8.4 16.94 10.18 13.87
A’s 11 6 12 7 11
C’s 1 4 4 1
D’s 2 1
Points 58 44 60 48 58
Score 4.98 5.24 3.54 4.72 4.18
Draw 1.89 2.07 2.63 2.38 2.63
Reload 2.97 2.24 3.54 3.16 4.28
Avg. Split 0.68 0.41 1.08 0.47 0.7

My times with the CZ75 are off a bit from last time, but I’m pleased as punch with my P07 times. I’m getting good with a bunch of pistols, not just my competition CZ.


I also shot one run and took specific care to shoot A’s on each target, and while it was kinda cool to shoot it clean, I was way too slow, and my score suffered as a result.

More …

Ninth Report

Ninth Report

I did it.

No, not classify as C Class yet (that will have to wait for next month), but rather, I finally shot a perfect Dot Torture Drill.

Dot Torture Drill: 50/50


If a shot touches the line on an USPSA or IDPA target, it counts, and that’s what I’m going with here unless someone tells me differently. And look at the difference a year of semi-regular practice makes!

First take

Now that I’m shot it clean, it’s time to shoot it clean again. And then again. And then move the target out to 5 yards, lather, rinse, repeat. And the hits just keep a-comin’…

El Presidenté 

Gun: CZ 75 1st Run 2nd Run 3rd Run
Target One 2A 2C 3A C A 2C D
Target Two A 3C A 3C A 3C
Target Three 3A D 3A D 3A C

Time 8.04 7.30 10.54
A’s 6 8 5
C’s 5 3 6
D’s 1 1 1
Points 46 50 44
Score 5.72 6.85 4.17
Draw 1.81 1.72 2.01
Reload 2.43 2.15 2.89
Avg. Split 0.38 0.34 0.48

Yep, my all-time best score, fastest draw and fastest average split on the El Presidenté.

What made the difference between my quasi-sucky last outing and this outing? Two things:

  1. Practicing with a .22 every week. Well, at least until my .22 broke, that is. I knew that target transitions, weak hand only and strong hand only shooting were issues, so I practiced shooting those at Caswell’s during the week.
  2. Dry fire. I’d been neglecting dry-fire practice over the past few months, so I made it a point to get in at least 15 minutes of dry fire each night, and it made a difference.

Now, on to C Class!

Eighth Report

Eighth Report

This is what happens when you spend a lot of time on improving your two-handed grip: Your strong hand and weak hand only grip goes pear-shaped. 

Dot Torture Drill: 41 out of 50.



Sorta. The shots I took two-handed were natural, smooth and (most importantly) on-target. It’s the one-handed stuff I need to work on, that’s ok. The worst practice sessions are the ones where I don’t learn anything, and while I’ve yet to shoot this drill clean, it is helping me shoot better, which, after all, is the point of doing it.

CZ75 1 CZ75 2 CZ75 3
Target One 2A C D 3A D 4A
Target Two 2A C D 2A 2C 3A C
Target Three 3A C 3A D 4A

Time 8.94 8.41 10.54
A’s 7 8 11
C’s 3 2 1
D’s 2 2
Points 46 48 58
Score 5.15 5.71 5.5
Draw 1.98 2.1 2.28
Reload 2.79 2.68 2.79
Avg. Split 0.42 0.37 0.55

And a new high point total on the El Prez!

I don’t care if I bomb every Dot-Torture from now on as long as I keep improving on the El Prez. I use the Dot Torture drill as diagnosis, I use the El Prez as my yardstick.

What did I learn today? I need to keep working on one hand only drills, so that will be the focus of my dry-fire practice over the next few days. Oh, and shooting stuff is still fun, even for the unemployed.

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