How's That Anti-gun Stance Working Out For You, NBC Sports?

How's that anti-gun stance working out for you, NBC Sports?

Just over a year ago, NBC Sports, bowing to the anti-gun hysteria in the wake of tragedy at Sandy Hook, cancelled 3 Gun Nation and all other “firearms-related” programming. Both shows have since found a home on Sportsman’s Channel and are just as entertaining as when they were on NBC. 

NBC replaced those shows with… soccer. And it’s not going well for them.

A single soccer game is already a rarity on American television; a simultaneous broadcast of matches on Oxygen, Syfy, Bravo, E!, and other  channels not associated with sports will certainly be unprecedented. NBCUniversal is clearing its cable slate for the end of the English soccer season as way to trumpet the massive, relatively risky bet it made on the league this year. “People are going to think something crazy’s going on,” says Jon Miller, president of programming at NBC and NBC Sports.

Look, I have nothing against football soccer: I played it in high school and I can tell you it’s nowhere near as boring as most Americans think it is. 


Most Americans don’t share that opinion, and most Americans do own guns. It’s pity that NBC Sports can’t understand that, and give Americans the TV programming they want, not the shows they think they should have.

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Everybody Watch Shooting Gallery Next Week, Please.

Everybody Watch Shooting Gallery Next Week, Please.

Michael Bane has been a big supporter of the gunblogging community, and he’s putting a gunblogger front and center on Shooting Gallery this week.

Namely, me.

The show was SO much fun to be a part of, and I got to meet Alf (who is a tremendously cool person) and train with Gabe Suarez and hang out and talk guns with Michael Bane for a weekend.

If you get a chance to do this, DO IT. In the meantime, watch the show this Wednesday, and support the gunblogging community!

Sometimes The Reaction Is All The Action You Need.

Sometimes the reaction is all the action you need.

I agree with Larry Keane of the NSSF

While we are disappointed that the nicely-produced Daniel Defense commercial will not run on national television during the Super Bowl, we are very pleased to see the attention being paid to the decision of a major sport’s management that seems so out of touch with the pro-Second Amendment sentiments of so many football fans across the country.

The point of the ad was to make a point. Selling rifles was secondary, what this ad does what put Daniel Defense = Black Rifle, and it works for that purpose very well. 

And it’s had almost as much exposure as a Super Bowl ad, without the added expense of actually showing it during the big game. 


Update: Don’t get me wrong, I think the NFL is a bunch of hypocrites for running BUSHELS of ads for movies and games that feature hours and hours of irresponsible gun use and not an ad for one that does. I think the way Daniel Defense played this, though, turned it into a win-win situation for them.

Winter (and The Internet) Is Coming

Winter (and the Internet) Is Coming

There are many reasons why 90% of all outdoor/hunting shows on TV suck:

  1. To quote Theodore Sturgeon, 90% of EVERYTHING sucks. 
  2. 90% of the shows are all about the product, not the entertainment of the audience. 
  3. Money.
  4. Also, money.
  5. And finally, money.

Getting the editorial freedom to try something new is a BIG challenge when you’ve to go make sure that the sponsor’s products are featured front and center. When money is on the line, people get conservative with what you want to do with it. This is true of investing, and if you look at marketing/advertising as an investment, it’s true there as well. 

I’m hoping that the success of Gun Stories, Steve Rinella: Meateater, Duck Dynasty and others will start to change things, because the Internet will do to outdoor shows what it’s done to other TV shows, and when it does, everything changes. 

Thinking About “Celebrity Top Shot”…

Thinking About “Celebrity Top Shot”…

Now that “All Star” season of History Channel’s Top Shot has re-started the franchise, how about a Season Six with nothing but celebrities on it? The trick would be balancing the need to have people sequestered for a month while show tapes with getting people famous enough to be a draw for History. In short, no Angelina Jolie, no Brad Pitt.


But who else might have time on their hands and the passion for firearms to be ready, willing and able to step up to the firing line? 

My suggestions: 

Mark Wills 
Irlene Mandrell (Yes, THOSE Mandrells)
Joe Perry
Adam Baldwin
Gary Sinise
R. Lee Ermey
Alton Brown (Although the idea of him as host and current host Colby Donadlson as a contestant fills me with glee, considering how I’m a HUGE fan of Iron Chef … “Our secret ingredient today is… GLOCK 18!”)

Tom Selleck and Joe Mantegna are two other choices, but getting time off from a TV series isn’t easy. 

Okay, what are you celebrity Top Shot contestants?

A Gun TV Show Renaissance?

A Gun TV Show Renaissance?

Intel is looking to shake up cable TV, and shake it hard

For the first time, consumers will be able to subscribe to content per channel, unlike bundled cable services, and you may also be able to subscribe per show as well. Intel’s set-top box will also have access to Intel’s already existing app marketplace for apps, casual games, and video on demand. Leveraging the speed of current broadband, and the vast shared resources of the cloud, Intel plans to give customers the ability to use “Cloud DVR”, a feature intended to allow users to watch any past TV show at any time, without the need to record it ahead of time, pause live tv, and rewind shows in progress. 

At last, we might (might) be getting the la carte cable programming we’ve been wanting for so long. In order for me to watch Top Gear and Shooting Gallery and the good stuff on cable, I have to get 300+ channels of stuff that I don’t want. What this means is that firearms-related TV shows will finally get the market they deserve, not the market that the cable companies lock them into. 

Sweet Meteor Of Death For The Dinosaur Media

Sweet meteor of death for the dinosaur media

Rather than be part of the growing, popular, multicultural world of firearms, NBC Sports and Discovery have chosen to become even more irrelevant by cancelling 3 Gun Nation and American Guns

I’ll confess I never watched American Guns (no cable, duh), but 3 Gun Nation is/was a fantastic show that really presented our sport as exciting, challenging and safe. 

So naturally, NBC Sports cancels it.

FPS Russia has millions of subscribers, Hickock45, NutNFancy and others have thousands and thousands of viewers, and NBC Sports thinks they’re going to change our culture by “not showing gun programming”. 

No word on whether they’ll cancel all the shows on NBC with cops who carry guns, because as we all know, they’re the only ones qualified to carry a Glock .40…