Wait, what?

The United States observes International Small Arms Destruction Day

The United States is pleased to join the international community in observing International Small Arms Destruction Day as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce armed violence and support the rule of law around the world.

Excess, loosely secured, or otherwise at-risk small arms, light weapons and munitions pose both a security and humanitarian risk worldwide. Since 2001, when the United Nations first called for an international observance of the impact of illicit flows of small arms and light weapons, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs has invested over $130 million to destroy more than 1.4 million small arms and light weapons, and 80,000 tons of munitions, and almost 32,000 man-portable air-defense systems, which could have posed a threat to global aviation in the hands of terrorists or insurgents. 

Ummn, I’m not sure this is something to be excited about. I’m not a fan of private ownership of land mines, Stinger missiles and other military equipment (private ownership of an M163 PIVADS excepted, of course), but I can’t completely support this i light of the Second Amendment. If we are commited to spreading personal freedom and prosperity around the world, we must be committed to spreading personal security as well.After all, today’s insurgent with an AK-47 is tomorrow’s upright citizen with the means to defend his family and home. 

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