Two wrongs make a right

I’ve had a Sccy CPX-1 for a while now and it’s been a bit of a problem child for me. I bought it as my first CCW gun, and I thought it was quite a good buy. Price at around $300, it’s small, light, accurate and packs the punch of 10+1 9mm rounds into a pistol that can slide into the front pocket of a pair of dress pants. 


It’s not exactly the most reliable gun in the world. Mine’s had to go back to the factory three times in the three years I’ve owned it, typically because the receiver has a tendency to crack slightly under heavy use, causing the gun not to go into battery. 

Not a good thing. 

It’s a nice enough gun and does the job, but it can’t handle high round counts, and that’s why I carry either my Kel-Tec P3AT or my CZ P07 these days, relegating the Sccy to backup duty in my car. 

Door jam

And it works pretty good there: The pistol and holster fit snugly into the door pocket, it doesn’t slide around when the car moves and it doesn’t scream “HEY THIS IS A PISTOL!”. You’d think that a cheap, ugly Uncle Mike’s holster would be the LAST holster you’d want for a car gun, but actually, it works pretty well. 

It works

The magazine on the top of the holster is a nice place for my left hand to hold on the holster as I pull it out of the door pocket, and thumb snap holds the pistol secure until I need it. I haven’t timed my draw on this yet, but after a few dry runs, it feels almost as fast as my draw from concealment, and definitely faster than having to wriggle around in my seat trying to get my CCW gun into action if I need it. Funny how two things that by themselves don’t work so well turn out to work really well together for this task.