The Year in Guns

This was a good year for acquisitions for me, the best so far and probably the best I’ll ever have. I can finally say “Yes, I have enough guns to do all that I want to do with a gun.” 

Well, except for shoot Single Stack, that is, so I’ll need a .45. And I want to start shooting the Carbine/Semi-Auto subgun matches at Rio and Phoenix Rod and Gun Club. And I need a backup Production in case my CZ75 ever buys the farm on a stage. And maybe a good over/under for sporting clays and for quail. And a lever-action .30-30 because, well, because.

But after that, I’m done. Well, I want to start shooting Limited eventually, so I’ll need a hi-capacity .40 caliber of some kind. 

But after that, I’m done. I swear

So, let’s review. 

CZ 82

First off is my new dedicated home defense pistol, a surplus CZ-82 from J&G Sales. I waffled between this and a used Smith and Wesson Model 10 for quite a while, but came down in favour of the CZ at the end. At $300 for pistol, extra magazine, 100 rounds training ammo and 50 rounds defensive ammo, tax included, it was a heck of a deal.

CZ P07

While on the subject of CZ’s and defensive firearms, I switched to a CZ P07 for daily (non-office) carry, and I’ve really grown to like this gun. It rides comfortably and easily in my Crossbreed SuperTuck, and it’s been very reliable, eating everything I’ve thrown at it without a hiccup. 

CavArms build

I won a CavArms lower off the R.O. table at the Superstition Mountain Mystery Three Gun match this year, and with a little magic from Dane Armory, turned it into this nice little plinker/defensive rifle. CavArms lower, VM HyTech upper from my old AR, 16″ Dane Armory barrel, A2 hider, no-name iron sights. 

Smith and Wesson M22A

I also picked up something every gun collection needs: A .22LR semi-auto. The S+W M22A is HECK of a lot of fun to shoot, and it’s a great way to help with my transitions and trigger control without breaking the bank on ammo. I still haven’t shot Rio’s .22 match with it yet, but that’s something that change this year.


Not really a NEW new gun, but I finally got my AR to where I want it for three gun matches. Almost. The Magpul backup sights on it are great backup sights, but they’re not the best primary sights in the world, so I’m swapping them out for a conventional front post and a DPMS rear sight

Cobra Derringer

And this one has come and gone already. I won a Cobra Arms .38 derringer off the R.O. table at the Desert Classic (and if you’re beginning to think that R.O.’ing matches at Rio is a great thing, you’re right!! 😉 ), and I had no use for it, so it went onto Gunbroker. 

Mossberg 930

And my last gun of the year, a Mossberg 930 SPX, which’ll be my new shotgun for three gun, relegating my pump gun to home defense use. 

Now that I’m essentially set for firearms, it’s time to actually USE them. My New Year’s resolution is to shoot in at least two matches each month whenever I can. It doesn’t do me any good to have all this stuff and not put it to some use.