Airsoft Practice

I’ve been working out with my new airsoft CZ in the backyard, working on draw, transitions and sight picture, and it’s helping chase away the red mist. 

Here’s the set up (pardon the mess). 

It's a mess.

The setup is like this. 


I’m trying to practice two things here: Does shooting my new CZ P07 Duty airsoft with targets from BAM airsoft help with my sight picture and transitions, and seeing if an iPhone in the shirt pocket makes an adequate match camera.

The results? Yes on one, no on two. 

Yes, my sight picture was horrid, but on the other hand, this ain’t the most accurate gun in the world. 

Mean Radius: 0.82″
Extreme Spread: 2.08″ 
Distance: 21 feet

If I can run through this drill in about 6 or 7 seconds clean, drawing from concealment, I’ll be a happy camper. 


Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

My irrational gun lust? The AR-7 rifle


Yes, yes I know you’ve got a better chance of hitting the winning lottery numbers than you do your target with this gun, but let me explain. 

I. Don’t. Care. 

The gun was in a James Bond movie! Bond shot down a helicopter with one! It folds up into it’s stock and it floats! It’s cool!

Ok,so I won’t hit anything with it. But I’ll look cool while doing so, and that is the very essence of irrational gun lust.

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Quest Complete


PRODUCTION Class: C Pct: 48.61

And I’m almost halfway to B Class. 

I’d like to thank Caleb for the idea, the peeps at SandCastle Scrolls and Great Satan Inc. for letting me tag along with them and not laughing out loud (much), Phoenix Rod and Gun Club and Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club for giving me the joints to stink up, J.R. Robie at Caswell’s for unlocking the mystery of the trigger reset, my wife and family for putting up with my mysterious weekend dissappearances, the chaps at CZ Custom for pouring out awesome sauce on top of an already awesome gun, and everyone who reads this blog and offers encouragement. 

Now, on to bigger and better things! 

P.S. If you’re here because you’re searching for “Flawless Victory”, welcome to the blog! If you could follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I’d appreciate it. 

The uncuttest kind of all

I love my Crossbreed Supertuck. It makes carrying a full-size pistol like my CZ P07 simple, comfortable and easy, and it hides it 100%. But it’s not the easiest to draw from: I found that the best I could do was a half-assed grip with my thumb on the back of the gun, then rotate my thumb around and get my full grip during the pressout. 

This had an adverse affect on my draw times.

Crossbreed offers a “Combat Cut” for the Supertuck, but it’s a $10 option and takes a week or two to ship back and forth from the factory. Besides that, I’m using a holster made for the Springfield XD for my P07, and I’m not certain they’ll cut it correctly for my gun. 

So out came the razor blade and sandpaper, and I did it myself. 

The results, if I may say so, aren’t half-bad. Crossbreed warns that a combat cut could be less comfortable than their regular holsters, but after a week of use, I can’t tell the difference. 

Bottom line, if you like your Crossbreed Supertuck but want a slightly faster and cleaner draw, go with the combat cut, you won’t regret it.

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Front Sight

Well, I drank the koolaid. I bought a mid-week four day defensive handgun training certificate from Frontsight last week for $69. I figure between using frequent flyer miles to pay for the hotel and gas, meals and ammo, the whole thing will cost about $300, which is about the price of a two-day NRA Personal Protection class. 

Can’t hurt, I guess. At the least, I’ll get a week in Vegas out of it. Let’s see if Front Sight’s training is better than their web design or internet marketing acumen. 

I figure they have nowhere to go but up. 

* burp *

Well, it had to happen sometime… 

My CZ P07 had a Failure To Eject on one of my handloads halfway through Stage 3 of the IDPA Classifier Saturday, about 1500 rounds through a 2000 round challenge

Now considering that a) I’ve just been estimating the round counts through the gun; it could be more, it could be less and b) it was handloaded ammo that caused the malf, I could say the failure was the result of the ammo and not the gun. 

But I won’t. So let’s call the CZ P07 2000 Round Challenge over at 500 rounds short of the finish line. 

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Another hill to climb

I shot the iDPA classifier last Saturday. 

190.2. I barely made Marksman. 

Fortunately, I know what the problem is and what corrective steps need to be taken. The Quest for C Class has taken up all my pistol practice time: I’ll put 100+ rounds in a practice session through my CZ75 and just a couple of dozen or so through the P07, my IDPA/daily carry gun. 

So from now on, I’ll shoot the Dot Torture Drill with my P07, and I’ll focus on using it in practice over my CZ75. 

That’s the bad news. The good news is, my Supertuck works great: I’m able to knock out sub-1.7 second draws with it from concealment and I’m very happy with how it feels as an everyday carry rig.

Now I just need to get better with the gun that’s holstered in it.

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Product Review: ASG P07 Duty Airsoft Pistol

I bought this (fake) gun for two reasons: I wanted to practice my draw from concealment at home, and I want to start some realistic force on force close quarters instruction with the good people at Generations Firearm Training

What was in the box?

The ASG P07 Duty is a licence-built copy of my daily carry gun, CZ’s P07 Duty, and right out the box, it felt like my P07, and it even comes with the P07’s crappy sights. The CZ P07 Duty has CZ’s “Omega Trigger” system that allows the user to quickly swap out parts and change the gun from a conventional SA/DA action with safety to an SA/DA with decocker, but the ASG P07 Duty did not have that option and came equipped with a safety only. I prefer to shoot the P07 decocked for two reasons, the first being I don’t like safeties on self-defense pistols. Yes, I know God and/or John Moses Browning designed the 1911 that way, so durn it, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but to me, sweeping the safety off is one more thing to worry about in a situation where a fast reaction can save my life. I much prefer decocked double action, DAO or “safe action” pistols for defending my life. The other reason is less critical: IDPA SSP division mandates the first shot on any given course of fire must be shot double action, and rather than mix it up with the high-zoot guns in ESP, I can decock the P07 Duty and go for it. 

Side by side

The ASG P07 Duty is a CO2 powered blowback action pistol. The CO2 cartridge that powers the pistol fits rather cleverly into the butt: The lanyard loop at the bottom of the gun is pressed in, and the whole backstrap pops off, allowing for easy insertion of the cartridge into the gun.

Power to the pistol

Design-wise, it’s darn close to my CZ P07 Duty. The airsoft version is made from a darker plastic and the slide is much lighter than the real P07, but the heft and feel of the gun are about the same. The trigger on the airsoft gun is horrid, though, mushy and stacking with no real break or reset and is about 6-8 pounds single action. 

The magazine for the airsoft P07 holds about 21 BB’s and drops free when the mag release is pressed, just like the CZ P07. The biggest difference between the two guns is the airsoft P07 has a slightly larger magazine more like a CZ SP-01, but this doesn’t interfere with the operation of the gun.

Sight picture

Shooting the gun in the backyard, I found it tended to shoot high, but that was something that happened with the old sights on my CZ P07 Duty (remember the word “crappy” way back in the beginning of this review?), hence the CZ-USA  night sights on my 9mm P07 Duty in the photo above. The ASG P07 fits the Crossbreed Supertuck I use for daily carry perfectly, and that’ll come in real handy as I ramp up practice for IDPA. I was lucky enough to win $100 worth of BAM airsoft targets at the Rio Desert Classic a few years ago, and they’re great fun to bang and clang. along with a bunch of 1/3 size paper targets that I printed out and stuck into the ground with real-estate sign holders. Practiing with an airsoft gun, you have to realize it’ll do squat for follow up shots or anything that requires multiple hits per target, but it’s great for draw, sight picture and transitions. 

To sum up, the state of the art in airsoft guns is clearly changing. They’re not toys anymore, they’re tools, and should be thoughtfully considered by anyone looking to improve their competition or self-defence shooting habits at home and at a very low cost.

What winning looks like

Fifty years ago, it was an Official Daisy™ Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle, now it’s a Beretta Model 92 with red-dot, silencer and working flashlight. 

Toy Beretta

The Bradys and the Violence Policy Center can hem and haw all they want to about “America’s Gun Culture”, but the fact is, little boys like toy guns. 

And that was true of my childhood in Canada, too. It’s little boy thing, not an American thing.

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Have you ever watched an IPSC, 3 gun or IDPA match as a fan?

Me neither, and I love practical shooting. The fact is, from a fan’s perspective, watching a practical shooting match makes golf look like a hockey fight. The closest I’ve ever come to being a spectator at a shooting match is watching the taping of two 3 Gun Nation matches. 3 Gun Nation shootoffs are set up to be exciting to watch on TV, and darn it if they’re not fun to watch in person, too.

Make the connection?

I want practical shooting to be on ESPN. I want a pro tour. I want filled stadiums. I want a cable channel devoted to nothing but practical shooting. But that won’t happen until the sport is fun to watch in-person, and right now, it ain’t.

Stage timers with big displays is a start, as are reactive targets, but there has to be some way to shoot an IPSC course of fire and make it so spectators cam know how well the shooter is doing as the shooter is on the course,  not 3 minutes later when the targets are all scored and the taping begins.

Now, as to how that’ll happen, I don’t know. Some kind of IR camera or embedded electronic grid in the targets or fresh IPSC-sized Shoot N C targets for each shooter so that we can follow the action as it happens would be a good start, but I’ll leave that for others to ponder.

Whatever the soulution, the quicker that practical shooting becomes fun to watch in-person, the quicker it’ll hit big-time TV.

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