Don’t go back to Suckville

Did a short practice session yesterday, but unfortunately I screwed up recording the times so I don’t have a real range report. A few quick thoughts though… 

It may be a bit intimidating to shoot on the same stage as Rob Leatham or Matt Burkett, but it is kinda cool practing next to them

A 75 foot shot into a USPSA mtric target is surprisingly easy to make.

Conversely, 5 yard Dot Torture drills suck ten times more than 3 yard Dot Torture drills. 

The zen of practical shooting never ceases to amaze me. I shot a very good El Prez yesterday (at least 3 alphas on each target with an 8-ish time, IIRC) and I did so by telling myself to slow down and see the sights.

In order to get a faster time, I needed to slow down. 

No, I don’t get that either. But it worked. 

Lastly, Phoenix Rod and Gun Club has an all-Classifier match tomorrow, and my goal is to finally end The Quest, make C class and leave Suckville in my rear-vew mirror. 

And now here’s R.E.M. to sing a modified version of this post’s title. 

On a totally non-shooting-related point, remember when R.E.M. could sing songs and have fun while doing so? Somewhere in between Out Of Time and Monster, they forget their roots as a band in a college town that made their living by entertaining people and not preaching at them. Heck, Michael Stipe is wearing a beret and a striped shirt these days: How much longer before he’s smoking Gauloises, sipping wine and mutttering about the bourgeoisie? They miss Bill Berry more than they realize. Led Zep gave up with Bonham died, The Clash knew it was over when they kicked out Topper, but R.E.M. still hasn’t figured out that they’ve joined the musical undead: Yes, they still play music, but their soul is empty. 

I digress. Have good weekend.

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