More guns, more wildlife

The Associated Press is all agog at the notion that shooting ranges can be wildlife sanctuaries, too

The property on the Marine Corps base in Quantico, Va., is home to some of the FBI’s most elite forces and training programs as well as a de facto wildlife refuge where deer, fox, wild turkeys, groundhogs and vultures roam fearless and free.

In recent years, a black bear was spotted running across a parking lot, and a groundhog cornered an FBI agent coming out of the cafeteria, hoping to score some human food, FBI spokesman Kurt Crawford said. Turkey vultures are often seen perched atop the 500,000-square-foot national crime lab where the FBI analyzes evidence, including the remains of the former al-Qaida leader in Iraq. 

I’ve seen similar at the ranges out here, too. Rio is just *rife* with coyotes and small game, and I was shooting a 3 gun match at Phoenix Rod and Gun with Danno when a family of quail wandered across the top of the berm. 

And me with a shotgun full of #8’s in my hand. Hmmn, to go home with a DQ and supper in hand, or not. That is the question… 

I digress. 

On the surface, gun ranges and wildlife seem to be a strange mix, but when you think about it, they’re always off-limits during hunting season, there’s loaded with acres of open, empty space, and aside from the noise, they have little impact the environment. 

Save the earth. Build more gun ranges.