It can happen here

I agree with WizardPC: What is happening to George Zimmerman could happen to anyone who lawfully carries outside their house. 

One bad decision, one overpowering urge to pursue rather than retreat, one slip-up, and you’re looking at a felony conviction and loss of all your guns at best, and a lynching at worst. 

Is it worth it? Is carrying outside the house just a silly thing for mall-ninja wannabes? 

Of course not. I don’t carry to protect my neighborhood or society as a whole, I carry to protect myself and my loved ones. 

Period full stop. 

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For someone without a job, I sure have a lot of work to do. 

I may have something later, but not now.

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Words to stay alive by.

“One of the greatest unseen dangers we as trained civilians face is the belief that we can drive the event. We think that if we are inside the aggressor(s)’ decision-making loop, we are in control of the situation. And we may be, for a second or so. We need to fix firmly in our minds the sense that the clock is always running! The longer a chaos event runs, the more factors acting on the system, the greater the uncertainty. Our mindset as trained, armed civilians must always be on ending the threat. And to that I would add as quickly as possible. Removing ourselves from the scene ends the threat as certainly as a bullet.” (emphasis in the original)

Michael Bane

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First Impression – Adkal MKA1919

A rare bird indeed showed up at this weekend’s match: An Adkal MKA1919, customized by Firebird Precision for shooting 3 gun. 

Adkal MKA1919

Judging by the few rounds I put through it after the match was over, it’s a viable alternative to the Saiga for a Open Class gun. Aside from a non-reciprocating charging handle on the left side of the forend, the controls were in all the right places compared to a regular AR-15. It also FELT like an AR to shoot, albeit one with a lot more kick than one that shoots .223…

I’ve RO’d two all-shotgun stages in a row at the Mystery 3 Gun, and one thing I’ve noticed is that Saigas are tricky little devils. When they’re good, they’re very good, but when they’re bad, they’re horrid.

The problem is, I’ve seen very few Saigas that were very good. Out of the dozen or so Saigas we saw on our stage over the course of three days, only two were able to shoot 31 rounds without problems. The Adkal? Well, see for yourself. 

It’s a sample size of one, but given the fact than an Adkal MKA1919 is a full thousand dollars less than an equivalent AK-pattern gun, I’d say the Saiga has some stiff competition ahead of it when it comes to box-fed auto shotguns.

Why carry… in church?

I mean, it’s a house of worship. 

A sanctuary. 

A haven of peace for all people. 

Why would ANYONE want to carry a gun for self-protection in such a place? 

Aside from the threat of mass murder, that is. Or armed robbery

It’s almost as if criminals don’t repect the holiness of a place of worship along with all the other laws they are intent on breaking, or something… 

(BTW, the deacon in the second story is the father of a friend of mine).

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