What is your weapon of choice?

Thinking more about the “Gun Bias” meme that floated around the gunosphere last week, the fact is, we’re in the golden age of handguns right now. We know for a fact that 95% or more of the defensive pistols we can buy will work right out the box, be accurate enough to be useful and will keep working for a long, long time. Yes, there are exceptions (and I happen to own one…), but they are the exception and not the rule. 

I tend to prefer CZ’s because I fell in love with them at first shot. Others like Glocks or M&P’s or Springfields or Rugers. I’d even argue that Taurus is inching up into that group, and Kel-Tec may soon join them as well. It’s even possible to buy an accurate, reliable 1911 right off the shelf, something that by all accounts was unheard of twenty years ago.

But that’s not good enough for us. My gun HAS to be better than yours because, well, BECAUSE. Maybe we haven’t walked all that far away from playground bragging over whose Dad can beat up whose other Dad, maybe it’s our consumerist society, maybe it’s nothing more than plain ol’ coveting, all I know is it’s REALLY confusing to new gun owners. They walk in to a gun store wanting something for personal protection and are faced with an array of choices and opinions that may shopping for a home stereo look easy. 

A little less consternation and a little more interaction, please. Unless a new shooter has bought a real stinker, accentuate the positive. Get them to like what they bought, and more importantly, get them out to the range to use it. No one wants to shoot a gun they don’t like. 

And now here’s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to sing the title of today’s post. 

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