First Impression – Bushnell TRS-25


Bushnell TRS-25

No, really. It is SMALL. Here’s the Bushnell TRS-25 on a UTG Quick-Release I bought for it so I could co-witness with my iron sights on my AR, compared to my Vortex Strikefire and the ADCO red dot on my S&W M22A.

Red Dot Scopes

Like I said, tiny. And light. And surprisingly bright: Side by side by side, the Bushnell was the brightest of the three, though I prefer the Vortex because it has an option for a green dot instead of a red dot, and green dots are easier for me to pick up in the daytime

I’ll sight this in later in the week and compare it side by side with the Vortex, but right now, on weight and size alone, I’m lovin’ it.