Speaking of firearms websites…

How come no one has figured out that authority = trust = sales? 

I shop at brick and mortar gun stores that seem to know what they’re talking about, so why don’t firearms accessory sites do the same thing online? 

REI does this to great advantage, and they RULE their marketspace. Amazon.com bought the Internet Movie Database not because of the Kevin Bacon game but to generate DVD sales from associating themselves with THE online movie resource and establish Amazon as THE place to buy movies. 

Have firearms and firearms-related websites figured this out yet?

Not so much…

There are exceptions. Cheaper Than Dirt!’s blog is one of the few corporate firearms blogs that I read on a regular basis because it has more than just advertisements disguised as posts. They’ve done a good job defining themselves online as a “go-to” resource for the prepper community, mainly through their product selection and their blog posts, and they should be commended for that.

But that sort of thing is the exception rather than the rule. You could pick up the content of almost any firearms accessory website out there and drop it on another site, and aside from the prices, no one would notice any difference. Not the best way to establish your brand, and not the best way to establish consumer loyalty. 

Michael Bane noted on a podcast earlier this year that eventually, all brands become fashion. Apple was able to break out from the pack and become ridiculously successful because it defined itself as a brand different from all other personal computer manufacturers out there. In the early 90’s, when they tried to become another HP or Compaq, they failed. Boy howdy, did they fail

In firearms accessories that sorting-out of brands hasn’t happened yet. Everyone seems to be thinking in terms of the “Price” portion of the four P’s, leaving a gaping hole for someone to grab onto the Gun Culture 2.0 market and ride it into the dominant space in the firearms accessory market. 

Firearms accessory sites might want to look at moving beyond their catalog origins and turn themselves more towards the lifestyle of concealed carry. At little more Coldwater Creek and little less Blackwater would go a long way to make firearms websites more consumer-friendly and friendly to BOTH sexes.

It’s going to happen. The only question is, who will do it first? 

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