On second thought…

Consider this account of an armed citizen’s defensive gun use, via Dustin Ellerman of Top Shot. (Initial report here).

Earlier this week in Brownwood, TX an armed citizen put his life on the line to stop a bad guy from shooting a police officer.

The crazy murderer killed two folks and dogs after arguing over dog poop in his yard.  Police arrived and a shootout ensued.

Vic Stacy, a self taught marksman, saw the officer’s predicament and came to his aid with a few well placed 165 yard pistol shots.

Vic displayed a great feat of marksmanship under intense life threatening pressure at a great distance.

That’s a heck of a shot and it helped end things in favour of the good guys.


A very similar scenario was discussed in my NRA Instructor class, and as a class, we came down uniformly in favour of helping the cop.


What if that disheveled  “crazy man” was an undercover Internal Affairs officer trying to bust a crooked cop?

How do you know who’s the good guy in a situation that you just walked into? What are the consequences of you choosing wrong?