Gun vs. Training

We figured out awhile back that for the same cost as a high-end 1911, you can get yourself a pretty decent starter kit for 3 Gun. 

Let’s eschew competition for a moment and talk about self-defence. What gun/training combinations can you buy for the same price as a top-of-the-line 1911? 

Well, a Glock / M&P / XD, holster, ammo and a MAG40 class with Massad Ayoob, for starters. 

  • Pistol: $550 (Your choice. They’re all in this price range, more or less) 
  • Ammo: $150 500 rounds factory 115gr 9mm
  • Holster: $75 max. PDB has a good review of open carry holsters for less than that, and a good hybrid IWB holster costs a bit more. 
  • Magazine pouch: $50. And that’s for an expensive one. 
  • Magazines: $150. -ish. This will give you 5-6 magazines depending on what gun you buy.
  • Class: $800. MAG40 has been THE standard in civilian self-defence for the last dozen years. Other classes may teach more shooting techniques, but no one is going to give you more and better training for before, during and AFTER a gunfight than Massad Ayoob. 
  • Hotel (est): $900. Six nights/days at a cheap to mid-range hotel. Your mileage may vary. 
  • Meals (est): $300. Six days/nights at $50 a day. 
  • Airfare (est): $500. Again, your mileage may vary. Literally. 

Total cost: $3475, or within spittin’ distance of the total cost of a really nice 1911.