Hammer down

Michael Bane nails it (pun not intended this time).

As CCW has grown from a few citizens concerned with their personal defense into what I would contend is a national phenomenon, I see more and more people who think that every solution to a self-defense problem is a “gun” solution…hey, that’s what you’re carrying!

We need to move to a more holistic view of self-defense situations in the classic definition of the word, that is, a view of the more complete system rather than an analysis, or a dissection, into parts. Think of it this way… we’re much better at discussing self-defense caliber choice than we are at understanding how awareness and avoidance much earlier in the situation may avoid that violent confrontation in the first place.

I’m seeing the same thing as I progress thru the ranks of Wado-Ryu karate. The answer to any self-defense solution is a throw, punch or kick (or some combination thereof). Michael and Mike Janich and Mike Seeklander (do you HAVE to have Michael as your first name to be on that show?) have done us all a great service by showing how awareness and de-escalation can solve many a problem without the need to throw a punch or clear leather, but nobody out there is teaching civilians what cops learn in the Academy: How to move up and down a use of force matrix in any given situation.

We can go to a dojo and learn empty hand techniques. We can go to a firearms trainer and learn to shoot. We can spar in competition to learn what works on the mat, and we can shoot IPSC and IDPA to learn what works on the square range.

Where do we civilians go to learn all of those at once, and get in the practice (kata, if you will) that allows integrated techniques to become second nature to us?