Costas must go

I was not on the “Bob Costas Is A Pr!ck” bandwagon until tonight

There are so many things that could be said as a rebuttal to this sort of thing, but the other Kevin has said it best. 

There is no doubt that the philosophy behind those laws (of Britain – ed.) holds that there is no such thing as legitimate violence if it is committed by anyone other than agents of the State. There is no doubt that this philosophy ignores the historical and biological fact that young men are violent, and unguided will be predatory. Instead, that philosophy speaks of a “gun culture” – one of predatory violence without recognizing the other “gun culture” they have systematically been destroying for decades that teaches responsibility, safety, and protection. That “gun culture” does not exist in that philosophy, becausethat gun culture teaches violence, and violence is, by definition, bad. 

Unless it is done in the name of the State. 

Read, as they say, the whole thing