But remember, it’s the NRA that’s trigger happy.

It just is. Why? Because shut up, that’s why. 

Never mind that the New York Police Department is getting sued for their appalling lack of marksmanship. That one shouldn’t be a surprise: 12lb Glock triggers and a lack of a firearms culture equates to bad gun safety habits and worse accuracy

And now it turns out the LAPD is shooting to kill… whoever

Police in LA are on high alert as they hunt for a man accused of killing an officer, wounding two others, and vowing to wage “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” on the LAPD. Here’s how high the alert: Officers opened fire in two separate incidents on trucks matching the description of the suspect’s vehicle, reports the LA Times. They were wrong on both counts, however, and two of the occupants are in the hospital with unspecified injuries. 

I sincerely hope the cops who fired those shots get arrested, jailed and/or sued right off the force. Shooting up cars because they looked like a suspect’s car is the essence of an oppressive police state. 

Look, I get that the cops are jumpy. I’d be to, if I knew some was stalking me, trying to kill me. But I can’t shoot up a car because it looks like the one my stalker drives, and neither can the cops.