After-Action Report: Tea Party 2a Rally

So I was able to make it after all, and I’m glad I did. 

There was about 1000 or so people rallying for 2nd Amendment rights out in front of the Arizona State Capitol Building Saturday afternoon, and I am proud to say I was one of them. 

Here’s a panoramic of the crowd: 


Finally, I can agree with the University of Arizona on something! 


Wait, they told me the Tea Party was nothing but old white men! 


Mz. Vast Right Wing Conspiracy gets in her 15 minutes of fame with the local ABC news affiliate


My favorite quote in that interview, from someone against the right of self-defense, “No one is trying to take your guns away: We’re just trying to get semi-automatics off the street and out of civilian hands.” 


There must have been over 1500 guns on perched on people’s hips and over their shoulders, but despite that, NONE of them jumped out of their holsters and shot anybody. 

So much for the notion of “Gun Violence”. 

Also, as I mentioned on Twitter, a Harley backfired near the rally. Surprisingly (to anti-gunners, at least) no one drew and returned fire. If we’re the bunch of trigger-happy gun nuts they think we are, we would have been ITCHING to shoot something. 

Also also, I got to meet Skas, Linoge’s new co-blogger, and he seemed like a nice guy. 

What he’s doing hanging out with Linoge, I’ll never know… 

Update: Skas’ report is here, and Capitalist Pig’s report is here (with a good report on how local media covered it).