More About More Training

A thought-provoking comment from that Facebook thread I mentioned earlier this week about why you don’t see more women in advanced training classes. 

For much of the same reasons you dont see a heavy attendance from minority shooters. The industry is dominated by white men from military and LE backgrounds who oftentimes have the social skills of a two headed rattle snake and they sweat testosterone. This type of attitude usually only creates a comfort zone for who? You guessed it…other white men from military and LE backgrounds and the fan boys who worship them. The reality is, most firearms instructors come from one of two perspectives. That of a “shooter” or that of a “businessman”. The shooters dont usually have the business acumen to understand how to market and build a brand that appeals across a wide demographic and the businessmen often dont have the skill sets to appeal to those looking for more advanced training across those demographics. 

I’d like to say he’s wrong, but the fact is, he’s not. The (female) manager of a local gun range told me awhile ago that gun stores hold the same amount of dread for women that a strip club does: It’s an unknown, male-only place where bad stuff can happen. Another local range has an M124 Minigun on a tripod right front and center as you walk in. Cool as all get out for someone like me, intimidating as all get out for a scared 28 year old woman looking to purchase her first gun because of an abusive relationship. 

This sort of “male only” country club thing has happened before, with country clubs. For most of the 20th century golf was the domain of old white guys, until people like Lee Trevino, Veejay Singh and Tiger Woods opened them golf courses for minorities and Babe Didrikson and Patty Berg opened them up for women. 

It’ll happen. And someone will make a TON of money making it happen.