There’s a(nother) new range in town

Cowtown range peoria azAs I mentioned yesterday, the CowTown Range is now open for business on west side of town. As I live out in the East Valley, it’s a bit of a drive for me, but it has 7 (count ’em) seven pistol bays for training along with a shoot house, an old-west town, a 2000 yard rifle range and a whole lot more.

Pretty sweet.

The range isn’t open to walk-ins just yet, but I’m eagerly awaiting to see what kind of matches they have there on a regular basis. With 200+ people showing up for Tuesday Night Steel and six hour long 3 Gun Matches these days, it’d be worth the drive there just to go to a good match that runs quickly.

Here’s Craig “Sawman” Sawyer and Paul Mueller talking more about the range.

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