This is why you take “no target shooting” warnings seriously, people

 KNXV_Doce_Fire_2_20130619200653_320_240The horrible tragedy of the Yarnell fire that claimed the lives of 19 firefighters is still fresh in our memories here in The Copper State, but before that fire, there was another fire in the Prescott (rhymes with “biscuit”) area, the Doce fire. 

Which was probably started by gun owners ignoring the “no target shooting” fire warnings.

Flagstaff Fire Captain Bill Morse said the fire started south of Iron Springs Road near Doce Mine and a target-shooting area.

Morse told CBS 5 News that officials have not ruled out target shooting as a cause of the wildfire. Morse said there was no lightning in the area, so they have no reason to think natural causes started the fire. 

Metal objects headed downrange at high speeds can cause a lot of sparks if they hit the wrong things, muzzle flashes and dry bushes are a recipe for disaster and burning hot brass and dry grass don’t mix. 

There are PLENTY of ranges in Arizona: Let’s make sure we have a forest to shoot in when it’s safe to do so.