Dave Spaulding’s Rules of Conflict

Dave Spaulding was the Law Enforcement Officer Trainer Of The Year in 2010, and when he talks, I listen. He has six simple rules guidelines for dealing with potentially crappy situations that should help anyone get through to the other side in one piece. Here’s the first and last items on the list as a teaser…

1.You Must Be an Active Participant in Your Own Rescue

People who thinks the cavalry is going to come over the hill and save them at the last minute have spent too much time in front of the TV. Any street cop will tell you that the times when they have interrupted a crime in progress were memorable because that doesn’t happen often. Police response times are measured in minutes, while crimes in progress are measured in seconds. So unless the officer is on top of the event when it occurs, stopping a crime while it happens is highly unlikely. 

6. Want & Need Aren’t Synonymous

A student contacted me and asked for a recommendation on a new gas piston AR-15. When I asked him what the new gun could do that his old one couldn’t, he paused. “Well, gas pistons are supposed to be superior. They better withstand the dust and dirt common in Afghanistan.”
“Are you going to Afghanistan?” I asked.
“No,” he replied.
“Well then …why do you care?”
He decided to save money and keep his current gun.

Read, as the saying goes, the whole thing