No, you're not being persecuted. You just took things too far.

If I owned my own business, I wouldn’t appreciate having a street preacher out in front of my store. Even though we share the same faith, I wouldn’t want him out in front of my place of business annoying my customers. 

Starbucks Appreciation Day was nice. 

The first time.

But maybe making it a regular thing might have been too much. 

It’s important to note what’s not being said here. They’re not saying don’t carry a gun into Starbucks and they’re not banning open carry in Starbucks, either. They could have banned it outright, but instead, they”re asking politely not to open carry in their coffee shops. They want to run a business, and not have it used to make a political point. 

I’m ok with that, because i’ve been ok with that in the past. I wouldn’t want my business used as a political football, and I don’t think Starbucks wants that either. 

And before the cries of “Ah-HA! You hate open carry, you furrinner you!” start, I’m spending some of my hard-earned blog cash on a holster specifically for open carry so I can join in the party. 

All that needs to happen here is for the open carry crowd (of which I wlll soon be one) to realize that tact is the girdle that shapes the truth. 

Update: Robb Allen, who is as fervent an OC activist as they come, also thinks that we took it a little too far.