SHOT Show 2014 Predictions

11_shot_show_logoIs it REALLY that time of year again? RTB has his list, here’s mine.

  • CZ will add the P09’s changeable grip panels to the PO7 and announce that the semi-auto versions of the 805 BREN will be available for civilian purchase sometime in 2014.
  • More AR’s. Yawn.
  • Less zombies. Yay!
  • Taurus will come out with “Pro Shop” versions of the 24/7 and PT1911 much like the S&W Pro Series.
  • With the success of marketing Jessie Duff for Taurus, look for pistol makers to add more women as pro shooters.
  • Speaking of people named Jesse, I predict the booth for Jesse James’ “Firearms Unlimited” will attract a lot of media and/or strippers.
    His AR-15’s and 1911’s will look pretty and sell a lot of t-shirts, but the variances and black arts of ATF regulations will prove too much for him and he’ll have to close up shop.
  • Please, God, no more .410/.45LC wheelguns.
  • Caracal will re-introduce the Model C with moar safety stuff.

Yes, there will be a new media meetup. Not sure where, but it will probably be on Tuesday night sometime.

Your best guesses?