Remember that scene in The Return of the King….

… when the Orcs and Goblins are battling over Bilbo Frodo* in Sauron’s fortress? 

It’s kinda like this. 

While it’s not really an addition to the Dead Goblin Count, it does reinforce the idea that if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Thanks to Ed for sending this in.

Man dies in St. Petersburg shooting

Officers found DeJuan Beachum, 23, with gunshot wounds to his upper body. He was later pronounced dead by medical personnel.

Police say Beachum of St. Petersburg had tried to rob Shawn J. Dillman, 32, during an alleged drug transaction. The two men fought over a firearm that Beachum had, and Beachum ended up being shot and killed.

No matter who loses, we win.

* Was typing this up while Mrs. ExKev was watching The Hobbit