Get to da chopper (and your gun)!

Dead Goblin CountDanno and Leslie both sent in this addition to the Dead Goblin Count.

Cleveland man fatally shoots home intruder, wounds another

Police in Cleveland say a victim of a home invasion fatally shot one of the would-be robbers and wounded the other.

Twenty-four-year-old Everton Mosby told officers that two men approached him outside his house on the city’s east side early Tuesday and ordered him back inside where they pistol-whipped him.

Mosby — who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon — said he was able to get hold of his gun and shot the two men.

I carry inside my home because there are parts of my home that are further away from my safe room than my front/rear doors, meaning that if someone breaks in, they’re closer to the safe room than I am. 

Not good. 

Besides, if the gun’s on my hip or in my pocket, I know 100% for certain where it is and who has it, something I can’t say for certain if it’s not in my possession. 

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