I have seen the future of concealed carry pistols and it is 1918.




The “new” Remington R51 is an updated, re-worked version of the original Model 51 first introduced by Remington in 1918. It uses a locking breech block to retard the slide movement rather the more common blowback mechanism like the PPK or the locking breech system of a 1911. 

The clincher is in the numbers: based on my (very) popular 9mm Roundup™ post, here’s what an “average” mini 9mm would look like:

Capacity: 7+1
Length: 6″
Height: 4.6″
Width: 1″
Weight: 16.8 oz
MSRP: $540

The Remington R51 is right-inline with all of those, with one big exception. 

Capacity: 7+1
Length: 6″
Height: 4.5″
Width: .96″
Weight: 20 oz
MSRP: $389

Holy cow! That’s $150 below the average MSRP for a gun of this kind, and $50 less than the Ruger LC9, it’s nearest “big name” competitor. The R51 is even priced $100 less than the Taurus.

Let that sink in for a bit.

At that price point, with Remington’s name on it, we have a new value leader in the mini 9mm marketplace.