A Week Full Of Goblins

I had a couple of additions to the Dead Goblin Count sent to me last week, but due to a busy work schedule, I wasn’t able to get to them until now. 

DGCFirst off is from my fellow AZ GunBlogger Danno

Family, Friends Of Dead Home Invaders Say “They Didn’t Deserve To Get Killed.”

Family and friends of two teenage boys shot and killed inside a home they had broken into are speaking out.
“They didn’t deserve to get killed,” said the sister of 14-year-old Michael Sambrano.
He and his 16-year-old best friend were shot and killed on Sunday morning by someone inside a home the teens were breaking into. Police won’t say whether it was the elderly homeowner or her brother who shot and killed the teens who had just broken into their home.

First off, I’m sorry for their loss. Every goblin is some mother’s son, and I can only imagine how bad they feel right now. 


If those two young men hadn’t been breaking into an elderly lady’s house (again) they’d still be alive today. They made some really stupid choices, and paid a high price for it. Simple as that.

The second is from long-time contributor Ed.

Police ID two men in Hilltop ATM shooting

“A man who told police that he shot a robber in the neck on the Hilltop on Friday evening claims he was abducted at gunpoint and was being driven to a cash machine to withdraw money, Columbus police said yesterday.
Police identified the dead man as Larry N. Mausali, 24, of Parkersburg, W.Va. The shooter was Kenneth Owens, 46, who told police that Mausali took his wallet, then tried to rob him of more by driving him to a bank machine at gunpoint about 7:25 p.m. In the car, Owens took out his own handgun and shot Mausali near the intersection of N. Hague and Sutton avenues, he told police. Owens described his version of events to police at the shooting scene. Mausali was taken to Mount Carmel West hospital, where he died minutes after the shooting.”

I’m not willing to die over my wallet, but the minute a goblin says “Get in the car, we’re going somewhere”, the rules change. Kudos to Mr. Owens for quick thinking and fast shooting. 

Dead Goblin Count: 479