No more blue Sccys.

For the last eight years, I’ve had a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with my 1st generation Sccy CPX-1. It wasn’t a fun gun to shoot, it broke often and had a safety that engaged with almost every shot. I sent it back to factory three times, and while the customer service I received from Sccy was great (they’d give me an extra mag every time I sent it in), I prefer guns that don’t have to go back to the factory at all, and guns that I actually like to shoot, so I consigned the Sccy to purgatory as a car gun.

I had a chance to talk with our local Sccy rep and recount my woes with his products, and he cleared the way for me to trade my old CPX-1 in on a newer model, no questions asked.

CPX-2 V2


I got the new gun back from the factory last week, and you know what? It’s not bad. I’m not sure how reliable/sturdy it is at this point with just 50 rounds through it, but it is quite accurate for a little gun and a LOT easier to shoot than the old model and had no issues with the first box of ammo.

50 down, 1150 to go.

The best thing was, the gun is MUCH more comfortable to shoot than the old model. I used to walk away from a 50 rounds with a painful hand from the poor ergonomics of the old gun, but not now. The trigger on the Sccy is still almost 10 pounds and has a looooong take-up and reset, but at first glance, Sccy has turned the ugly duckling of their 1st generation gun into a nice little swan in the making.