As Of Right Now, Our Days Of Sheep Stealing Are Over.

Growing up in the evangelical church in America and serving on various church boards, you hear the words “sheep stealing” bandied about. What this means is that Church X wasn’t actually growing by bringing in new believers, it was growing by taking people away from the other nearby churches. That looks great on the balance books/Sunday roster of Church X, but kinda sucks if you attend one of the other churches that has shrunk.

For 50+ years, gun stores and gun companies have been stealing each other’s sheep: Yes, the size of the market was expanding, but it wasn’t at the same rate of growth as other consumer goods markets. If Remington brought out a new gun, it was to play in a market that some other manufacturer was already playing in.

That changed as of the Ruger LCP. That gun filled a new niche, the pocket .380 auto, and the CCW market was formed. There are new markets popping up all the time, and Ruger (and Sig Sauer, too) have been very good at exploiting them. New gun owners come in all ages, genders, shapes and sizes: Now it’s time for gun makers to capitalize on that growth and deal with the reality that guns are no longer a niche item, but a lifestyle accessory.