NRA Annual Meeting Wrap Up Post

  1. If you get a chance to purchase some Flatboat Bourbon Cream, do so. It’s a perfect balance of bourbon, cream, sugar and chocolate. Kahlua was always too cloying for my tastes, but this one is perfect.
  2. Meeting John Hollister was cool. Meeting Col. Robert Boyd was cool. Meeting Anette Watcher was cool. Meeting David Yamane was cool. Meeting Andrew Branca was cool. Meeting the guys from Active Self Protection was cool. Meeting Stephen Gutowski was cool. Meeting Kevin Boyd was cool. Chatting at length with Jim Geraghty and Charles C.W. Cooke about gun culture was really cool.
  3. Bourbon Barrel Ale is one of the best beers I’ve ever had in my life, but watch out, it has a higher alcohol content than most beers.
  4. Meeting Erin Palette was cool. Meeting Unc was cool. Meeting Old NFO was cool. Meeting Rob Morse was cool. Meeting Melody Lauer was cool. Meeting Tam in-person was cool. Meeting Daddy Bear was cool. Meeting Joshua Gideon was cool.
  5. If I had to pick a trend for new products, I’d say it was AR-style pistols in pistol calibers and new suppressors from companies new to the suppressor game. We are rapidly approaching a point where CCW is no longer the driver of gun sales, and I’m not sure we know what’s next.
  6. Hanging out and having dinner with Anthony and Matt from Lucky Gunner was really cool.
  7. Downtown Louisville is a crash course in American urban architecture. In just a few hours, I spotted excellent examples of Greek Revival, Victorian, Gothic, Art Deco, Modern, Bahaus, Googie, Brutalist and Post-Modern buildings, all within walking distance of each other.
  8. Yes, the buttermilk pie at Mark’s Feed Store was all that. Might be some of the best custard I’ve ever had. The fact that it came wrapped in a flaky pie crust made it even better.
  9. The new My Outdoor TV app looks pretty good. For all of you waiting to watch Outdoor Channel without having to pay $$$ for cable, this is what you’ve been waiting for.
  10. Alf gave me a sixer of a locally-made scotch ale. Dude, I owe you!
  11. I know so many people who are so much more generous and friendly than I am that I’m sometimes, I’m embarrassed by my own boorishness.
  12. Speaking of which, I might have been Patient Zero for the con crud. Sorry about that.

Next year, Atlanta!