Mind The (Training) Gap

A truly great post on the importance of firearms training by Rob Morse:

Here is a sad and revealing fact.  Most gun owners have not taken any training.  Perhaps that made sense for gun culture 1.0 who grew up using a firearm for hunting.  Maybe it made sense when firearms habits and skills were handed down from generation to generation, but times have changed for most gun owners.  Learning to handle a firearm is critically important for gun culture 2.0 where gun ownership is centered on self-defense.  We don’t want to learn that skill on our own.

As I’ve said before on numerous occasions, there really isn’t a way to train yourself to hunt. Either you do it, or you don’t, and for a city-dweller like me, that means I don’t. I don’t have a farm, so can’t sit out in a field and shoot gophers and hoping that I win a lottery ticket so I can go off into the woods and blast Bambi to bits seems a little silly, given the fact I can show up at a local USPSA match and shoot, not put in for a tag which allows me to shoot a match sometime in the future.

Gun Culture 2.0 is “Shall Issue”. Gun Culture 1.0 is “May Issue”. There are no real barriers to shooting a match or taking a class other than the ones we create.

Just do it.