The Unreality May Overwhelm You.

… so I post what I thought was a fairly innocuous question in a popular gun rights group on Facebook.

I’ve seen a lot of people showing off their carry guns and guns they carry in their vehicles, but what I haven’t seen a lot of is people talking about how they carry a first aid kit that’s capable of dealing with a gunshot wound or other trauma.
If we carry a gun because we know that the cops won’t show up when we need them, shouldn’t we also have a first aid/trauma kit because the paramedics won’t show up any faster than the cops do?

Reactions to this post fell into one of two categories:

  1. Why should I care about performing first aid on the bad guy?
  2. Sure! I got a nice big kit in my truck!

So people tend to see GSW’s and other traumatic injuries as something that will only happen to the bad guy, because, um, they just will! Apparently these people have never considered that a gunfight might be a two-way affair.

They also think that having a first-aid kit in their vehicle is being prepared to deal with a gunshot wound. Would they also consider themselves as being prepared to deal with a gunfight if their gun was in their truck when they needed it most?

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  1. ‘struth

    Probability says that you are more likely to use a first aid kit, IFAK, or other medical-related item in the real world. This is especially true if you work in a non-permissive environment. What one carry’s should be dictated by reality, not tacti-cool notions gleaned from the interwebs.

  2. Plan on medics being last on scene. Many places the medics are not allowed on scene where there has been gunfire until the police declare it secure. If you think the cops are slow, remember the medics aren’t coming until AFTER there are MULTIPLE officers on scene.

  3. The amount of stuff I see on the web that some people say they carry EVERY DAY is remarkable. I often wonder if they clank when they walk.
    I do have a first aid kit in my truck and in my range bag.
    I take those items to places where there are a lot of guns and people or my guns and no people.
    I’m not walking through the grocery store with any more crap on my belt or in my pockets than there already is.

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