The Default Setting Is Fun.


Thinking a little more about yesterday’s post, one of the biggest issues that Gun Culture 2.0 has is helping people get serious about shooting. Gun Culture 1.0 didn’t have that problem because the shooting is the culmination, not the beginning of a hunt and a poor shot could be overcome with a closer stalk. Getting people to do more with their gun than just go to a range and make noise is a challenge, because blasting away and making noise IS A WHOLE LOT OF FUN. Taking a class and finding out how much you suck?

Not fun.

I’m still not certain how we can bridge that gap between the joy of shooting loudly and the confidence of shooting well. Kathy Jackson uses a swimming lesson metaphor and it’s a good one, the closest one I’ve yet found to helping people understand how training can make a day on the range more fun than an untrained day on the range.

Taking a walk in the woods is fun, so therefore, people go out into the woods and hunt. Riding in a boat across the lake and chatting with your friends is fun, so people go fish. Going to the range and shooting is fun, so people do that as well. Shooting a competition with your friends is fun, and that needs to talked about more often if we want Gun Culture 2.0 to thrive.

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  1. FUN! So true. Even though I started shooting to be bettered prepared to defend my family and myself, I cannot deny that hitting the range is just plain fun. Sometimes I go to the range with training goals in mind, but sometimes I go just to shoot. Period. To have fun. The best thing about competition, for me, is to have fun with other people having fun. I talk and talk about the fun of matches to my gun owning friends, but they focus on the fear of the competition. If they do go, they have fun but that initial step of going is hard and lots of time insurmountable. I write about the fun of a match almost weekly, and I get “Wow, that sounds like fun. But I could never do it.” We really need to get people over the fear and to focus on the fun. How to do that?

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