Walk A Mile In My Combat Boots.

Oh, how I wish more instructors would follow Claude Werner’s advice here.

I’m going to throw down a challenge to the training community. Right now is a golden opportunity, no pun intended. The end of the year is a relatively slow time for training and there are numerous seasonal positions available in the retail sector. Target, WalMart, and Sears, among others, are all hiring for temporary positions through the end of the year. If you don’t like wearing a uniform, Macy’s and other high end retailers are hiring and will give you an even better environment to test your hypotheses. Get a temporary job in a retail store for a couple of months. Walk a mile in your students’ moccasins while carrying the heater and all the gear you tell them to EDC. See how it works out for you.

I pocket carry because that’s all I can get away with, four days out of seven. Yes, I have more gear I can carry, but no, I can’t carry every day because of how I dress at work. Instructors who can’t grasp why anyone wouldn’t carry at least a Glock 19 on them (or better yet, a 17 with three spare mags, a tourniquet, QuikClot and half-dozen knives on them probably hasn’t had to work in an office or in retail with all their gear hanging off their belt.

Reality-based training needs to be grounded in the student’s reality, not the instructor’s reality.