Scarcity Tactics Won’t Work Anymore

It looks like we’re headed towards a soft-popping of the gun buying bubble. This is not a bad thing, because it allows the market to grow and mature. What it means, however, is that we are in a post-scarcity world of guns.

Rather than being banned in most states, AR-15’s are plentiful. Ammunition (even .22LR) can be found just about everywhere, and everyone and his dog is coming out with a compact 9mm pistol for concealed carry.

People are no longer buying guns because they think they NEED to buy a gun before guns are banned*, they’re buying guns because they WANT to buy a gun.

This change in motivation means pretty everything about marketing guns and the Gun Culture 2.0 lifestyle has to change. For the last eight years, anyone other than gun nuts (those of us who have trouble counting up all the guns we own) would buy an AR-15 for the following two reasons:

  1. It’s an AR-15
  2. It’s in-stock

This is now changed. Gun owners and the NRA are going on the (legislative) offensive now, and we’re looking to INCREASE gun rights, not bitterly cling to the few we have left.

In short, we have hope, and that’s changed.

Gun companies need to change things as well. Marketing guns for the sake of the gun itself is probably not a winning tactic these days because the fear of losing our guns is fading away**. People are going to need to feel GOOD about owning a gun, not feel like they need to buy one before they all go away.

* Unless you live in California or somewhere else outside of America, in which case, buy them now, and hurry!
** Let’s not kid ourselves. If they COULD take away our guns, they would. But let’s not live in fear, either.