Yeah, So I Didn’t Go To SHOT This Year…

And I’m ok with it. I’m realizing that for me, it’s not about the guns, it’s about what you can do with them. I had the same attitude when I was a shooter (click click): My cameras were not the bleeding edge F4’s and 500ELX’s, I shot with an FM2 and a twenty year old 500CM. I didn’t really care about the gadgets I used to pictures, I cared about the pictures I was taking. If a gadget like a wireless strobe slave or a spot meter allowed me to take better pictures, it was useful. If not, I didn’t care about it.

SHOT Show is in the cards for me next year, though, and if things go right, it will be someone else paying the way. In the meantime, my hotel for the NRA AM is booked, so I’ll see everyone there instead.

And Alf, I’m buying dinner this time.