What So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love and Gaming the Crap Out A Stage?

One thing I’ve noticed about the practical shooting sports is that people consider them to be Very Serious Endeavors and Should Not Be Taken Lightly.

I swear, some people look at a pistol bay like it as if it was a church, and we’re not playing  a game, we’re meditating and seeking to unite our souls with the spirit of St. Cooper.

And then we wonder we newcomers seem to feel intimidated when they come to a match.

Why not embrace the gaming element every once in a while? Better still, go full happy fun run and gun in an event that serves as introduction to the sport, and leave the target overlays and rules lawyering for another day.

Simple, easy, lightweight stages with a low round count, lots of steel and no timer are perfect for this. The point isn’t get people thinking about their time, it’s getting people thinking about what they’re doing on a stage, and how much stinkin’ fun it can be to shoot well on a stage. The emphasis shouldn’t be about the score, it should be about the fun.

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  1. The most intimidating thing for me when I shot my first match was the fear of looking like an idiot with a dozen squad members watching. Fortunately, the guys I were shooting with were very supportive, and I had a blast–at this match and at every other match since.

    To encourage new shooters you don’t have to ditch the timers, simplify stages, or water down the rules. You just have to not be a d*ck.

    1. Most people fear performing in public more than they do death. There is a time and a place for metrics and measures, and day one of class may not be it.

  2. asi-usa.org
    I found the above organization the other day and they seem to promote just what your writing about….no groups in the area here but a couple friends and I have got together over the years for some IDPA-ish meets of our own and have a good time.

    1. Scroll down the page a bit, and you’ll see where I mention them. I *really* like the idea, and I have a call with them scheduled for next week to do a write-up on them.

      1. Cool..look forward to it!
        I’m not seeing where “to scroll down to” though?? I’m a bit internet illiterate though.

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