Bearing Arms Shouldn’t Be A Burden

Gun writer and bon vivant Jenn Jacques was let go from last week, and from what I understand, the site itself might be going away very soon as well.

Not all that surprising. They won. We have a pro-gun President in the White House, nominally pro-gun Republican majorities in Congress, and the balance of power will be maintained (or improved upon) in the Supreme Court. The future that BearingArms wrote about happened, and now they (along with a host of other gun companies) are not really sure what to do next.

This has happened before. I was a subscriber to WIRED magazine since issue #2, a time when the Internet pretty much consisted of email, USENET and FTP.

The web? The web existed on a server in Illinois, and that was about it. A few years later, when the digital future that WIRED was predicting would happen actually happened, they didn’t know what to do. WIRED morphed into Inc. for the dot-com crowd, then after that bubble burst, it was more about movies and geek culture until finally, today, they’re little more than Vanity Fair for the Silicon Valley crowd.

We haven’t hit that “dot com bubble” yet with gun culture, because since 1994 (or even earlier…) our culture hasn’t been based around expanding our rights and welcoming new people into the fold, it’s been built on fear and defensive warfare that bitterly clings to what few rights we had left.

We’re on the cusp of something truly wonderful here. Let’s not let past fears ruin it.

Update: Ignore everything I wrote here. I got this one wrong.

Pretty certain this was somehow Trump’s fault.

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  1. True enough.

    Give a holler when Constitutional Carry is the law of the land in 50 states, with both the GCA of 1968, and the NFA of 1934 revoked in toto.

    Then, and only then, we’re back to where we ought to be, and can turn our attentions to other things – for awhile.

  2. Hate to do it, but what he said. Does anyone think the fight to get back rights is over? With Bloomberg dropping millions state by state, and no pro-liberty rich guy fighting back? It’s nice we’ve won in a few states while he outspends us 10 to 1, but that just tells him where it’s more effective to drop his millions.

    Here in Florida, we went into the legislative year with a list of things we expected to gain. Campus carry, open carry, ability to carry in the non-sterile parts of airports, and more. Then a South Florida representative switched sides to Bloomberg’s Mommies and ALL the new gun rights bills were killed.

    We have “nominally pro-gun Republican majorities in Congress” and they haven’t gotten the first piece of legislation through. No hearing protection act, no CC reciprocity, no rights at all. We have a good guy on the Supreme Court and they refuse to hear important cases.

    I’ll bet the NFA of 1934 will still be the law of the land in 2034.

    1. The fight continues, to be sure.

      However, our tactics should change to reflect the new phase of the war. What worked to defend Britain during The Blitz did NOT work when P-51s and Typhoons were roaming over Western Europe.

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